Sunday Snapshots: Chester Races

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Is there any better way to spend a summer afternoon than dressed to the nines, cool glass of Pim’s in hand, enjoying a day at the races? Here in England it is a summer institution and one that every visitor to the country should try to experience.

4 way finish at the Chester Racecourse

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The Chester Racecourse, as known as the Roodee, is said to be the oldest racecourse in England. The 1.6 km flat track is also the smallest in England and is just a short stroll from the centre of the city. Don’t have a ticket? Don’t worry, you can stand on the edge of the Roman walls and catch a glimpse of the festivities.

The next race at the Roodee takes place on June 8, 2013 and there are still tickets available via the Chester Racecourse website. Snap up a couple of tickets and see if you can win big at the races!

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