How to Make a Holiday Cottage Pet Friendly

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Are you trying to think of a way to get your bookings up? Why not consider making your holiday cottage pet friendly? After all we do live in a pet mad country! Back in 2012 ran a survey and found that 39% of pet owners like to take their animals away with them, and when you consider that around one quarter of households in the UK own a dog you can see how big the market we’re talking about is.  This is why here at Sykes we’ve produced a little list of things that you should consider when trying to pet proof your cottage, so take a look.

In the House

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Firstly, make sure that any potentially toxic items are kept well out of reach. Things such as cleaning products are the main concern here so it might be best to keep them in a high cupboard well away from any overly curious canines or if they can’t be kept high enough it might be worthwhile putting some sort of lock on the door. Then there is also the issue of cables, to stop these from getting chewed you should tuck them away behind the appliances or even invest in some cable protectors that should deter even the most persistent of pets. Finally there is the issue of hair. This tends to be one of the biggest reservations about making a cottage available to people bringing their pets, however when dealt with properly it isn’t that much of a problem. Having said that it is definitely worth investing in a powerful vacuum to make sure you get it all up between stays, and if you make the vacuum available to them many pet owners will have a quick run around with the hoover.


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The main concern with a garden at a holiday cottage is whether or not it is escape proof. Believe me, as the owner of a dog with Houdini-esque capabilities it is definitely worth your while to make sure that the garden is properly secure. The fencing should be high enough to prevent any larger animals from clearing it and you might even consider sinking it below ground level to deter any digs for freedom. You should also be careful about products that you use in the garden, things like weed killers and slug pellets often pose a risk to dogs and so should be avoided. One other thing to consider is the dog mess, guests will be especially grateful if you leave behind some waste bags and a little shovel for them to use to clear up after their pooches.

Little Touches

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Then there are the little things that you can do which might make all the difference to the holiday goers. Some people invest in things like a food and water bowl for the cottage just in case the guests forget theirs. You could also leave some old towels in the property for drying off the pooch after those long walks, as it will help preserve the carpet and will cut down on the cleaning on changeover day. Or if you want to go the whole hog then you could even consider leaving a little canine welcome pack with some biscuits and maybe a couple of tennis balls which would definitely go down a treat.

Hopefully we’ve thought of a few things that might have slipped your mind but if you have any suggestions then we would love to hear them. Or if you want you can always take a look at our other pet friendly cottages to see if you can get a bit of inspiration there.


Jamie Tomkins

By Jamie Tomkins

Jamie is a big fan of long weekend walks with the dog, especially when there is the chance to refuel with lunch in a country pub. Living in Lancaster for three years gave him the perfect opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Lake District.

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