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By now I’m sure that many of you are well aware that this morning saw the 2014 edition of the London Marathon. The event has been going since 1981 with countless runners taking part, right the way from the professional who complete the 26 miles in just over 2 hours to the fancy dress wearing fundraisers who can sometimes take several days to finish. Maybe watching the runners race their way around London has inspired you to try out a little bit of running yourself; if so you’re in the right place because we’ve tried to think of some little hints and tips for aspiring runners.

Get the gear

Running Shoes

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One of the most important things when you start running is making sure that you have the right shoes. Although you might be tempted just to dig out that pair of vaguely sporty looking shoes that have been gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe and lace them on, you’d do well to remember that the wrong shoes are one of the biggest causes of injury to runners. A good pair of running shoes might seem a bit pricey but they will help avoid the classic runner’s blister as well as other unpleasant things!

Find a Route

Running Route

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One of the best things about running is that you can pretty much do it anywhere. Roads, parks, canal towpaths… they all make perfect running routes. All you have to do is decide on a sensible distance and get out there! However, there’s nothing better than a bit of scenery when it comes to going out for a run and luckily that’s one thing that we aren’t short of in this country! One option is to head out to one of our national parks and if you’re feeling adventurous you could even try out one of these fantastic routes, although some of them are rather daunting.

Get Racing

finish line

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No matter what distance you are comfortable with I can guarantee that you’ll find a race or event for you, from short and casual fun-runs to gruelling ultra marathons and everything in between. Races are the perfect way to challenge yourself and you’ll be surprised at the feeling of satisfaction you get when you cross that finish line.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy getting out and about running, and if you really get in to it you might even think about going on a little running holiday. If so we’ve got cottages with all sorts of features that might be perfect for you, whether it’s our cottages in the countryside for a scenic run or even our hot tub cottages which are perfect for soothing those aching legs.

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Jamie Tomkins

By Jamie Tomkins

Jamie is a big fan of long weekend walks with the dog, especially when there is the chance to refuel with lunch in a country pub. Living in Lancaster for three years gave him the perfect opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Lake District.

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