Holiday Cottages … Why?

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There are still some people out there who wouldn’t know a holiday cottage if it walked up to them and introduced itself.  Let’s say you stopped the average under 30 on the street and asked them a Family Fortunes style question: “Quick! Can you name 5 different types of accommodation?” What would they say? 1) Hotel, 2) Bed & Breakfast, 3) Campsite, 4) Caravan, 5) Hostel? If you’re reading this blog on, then the chances are you’re pretty familiar with the concept of a self-catering holiday cottage. But for those people who aren’t, making people aware of the cottage option is half the battle.

Once people are aware of the cottage as a form of accommodation, the benefits – and, more importantly, the savings – are obvious. Let’s take a closer look at 4 of them.

Benefit # 1 – Save Money On Flights (And Cut Out The Hassle Of Flying!)

When you stay at a cottage in the UK, you don’t need to dig out your passport and have that obligatory moment of panic when you wonder if it is still in date. You don’t have to pay for expensive airport parking or for a taxi to and from the airport (£80 this cost me the last time I went abroad – £40 there and £40 back). Once you’ve gotten to the airport, there’s a good chance you’ll be stood in a long, snaking queue as you check your luggage in. After checking in, you encounter another queue, as you hand over your liquids in a 20cm x 20cm clear plastic bag and wait patiently to pass through the x-ray security scanners that can see you naked. Once you’ve gone through all of the above, the worst is yet to come … if you’re scared of flying, that is! And with the perils of no frill flights (such as ultra-strict luggage allowances, paying for the toilet and standing up while you fly), more and more people seem to be developing this phobia.

As the planes fly overhead (or not, if there is a delay or an ash cloud), chances are you’ll be driving to your cottage in your car, perhaps using the trusty old Sat Nav. You were going to always going to put petrol in your car, so how much have you saved on your holiday by driving to your cottage and cutting out the flights with all those hidden charges?

Benefit #2 – Save Money On Kennels

Let’s be honest. When holidaying abroad, cramming Fido into your suitcase and smuggling him onto a plane has never really been an option! Most people have to impose on a kind-hearted neighbour to look after their dog or they have to fork out for kennels. With a pet friendly cottage, you no longer have to endure the heart-wrenching moment when Fido sees the suitcases, sees everyone leaving and begins to whine and pine as he realises something is afoot. Indeed, there’s no need to leave the K-9 member of the family at home – get him to jump in the car because he’s having a holiday, too!

Benefit #3 – Save Money On The Euro

In recent times, a lot of Britons have been put off by the expensive Euro Zone and they have chosen to ‘staycation’ in the UK. The refrain of “I’m not paying 7 Euros/Quid for a pint” has been commonplace as Brits work out the exchange rate of the Turkish Lira. But even if this blog ages and the Euro may or may not become a more attractive currency compared to the pound, you’ll still be saving yourself time, as there’s no need to go to the trouble of changing your money into a foreign currency and then back again. When you go on a cottage holiday, the money in your wallet or purse is good enough!

Benefit #4 – Save Money On Food

Almost everyone has a weekly food shopping budget. Whether you’re at home or whether you’re staying at a cottage in a home away from home, you’re still going to have a food shopping budget for you, your partner, your family etc. Chances are you’ll spend the same amount of money on stocking up the fridge in your self-catering cottage as you would stocking up your fridge at home. Either way, it’s likely to be cheaper than eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner day after day after day. Of course, on some days you might want to sample a gastro pub lunch or be wined and dined in a local restaurant. With a self-catering holiday cottage, you have the flexibility to do this.

See For Yourself

So if you’re new to holiday cottages, hopefully the 4 points above convinced you on the virtues of this form of accommodation. And if you strip out the costs of flying, kennels, strong currencies and relentless dining out from your annual holiday, you can see that this is a good value option for your next getaway. Why not book one of these cottages and see for yourself?

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