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It’s Fairtrade Fortnight, an annual event raising awareness for the challenges and hardships farmers face in the developing world. For the next two weeks, events will be taking place across the country to highlight the need for sustainable prices and decent working conditions for the overseas farmers who provide some of the nation’s favourite produce.

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Via Flickr

This year’s campaign focuses on the humble banana, undoubtedly the UK’s favourite fruit. On average, we eat over 5 billion bananas a year- 13 million a day to be precise. Yet, thanks to supermarket price wars, the price we pay for a banana has almost halved in the past decade, whilst the cost of production has virtually doubled- does that sound fair to you? Well, it certainly didn’t to us, and that’s why we’re backing the Fairtrade Foundation in their bid to raise awareness of the importance of buying Fairtrade.

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Since the early nineties, the Fairtrade Foundation has been confronting unethical trade practices to help empower underprivileged producers in developing countries. Their logo has been creeping on to packaging and labels in supermarkets extensively over the past few years, with some of the most popular Fairtrade products being coffee, chocolate and wine. Now, the charity has turned its attention towards our favourite cylindrical fruit, and we want to let you know about some of the great events happening in your area over the next Fortnight where you can find out more about Fairtrade and do your bit for the banana growers who work long hours to deliver our favourite yellow fruit.

If you’re in Scotland this weekend, come along to the Bake a Difference Coffee Morning which is taking place in Fairlie, Scotland’s first Fairtrade village. Here, visitors can tuck into an array of top Fairtrade coffee and cakes, whilst little ones can get busy decorating bananas. The coffee morning will also feature a talk with a Juan Santelices of Fair Business Alliance, who will be giving his thoughts on the importance of Fairtrade and why everyone should get behind the campaign to oust overly-cheap bananas.

Gloucestershire will also be playing its part in Fairtrade Fortnight thanks to the organisers of the Thornbury Fairtrade fair. Sample a wealth of Fairtrade foods, join in the quiz or talk to real Fairtrade coffee producers to hear how the charity’s affected themselves and their business. The event is open from 10am to 12pm tomorrow, so come down and show your support if you’re in the area.

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Fairtrade fanatics in the town of Edenbridge, Kent, have taken things a step further with their inspired event, Come Dine With Us, an evening of foodie fun presented by six local celebrity chefs. Watch as these culinary maestros cook up some delicious fodder using only Fairtrade ingredients, before choosing a winning dish. The event also features a six course, fully Fairtrade meal, so we hope you’re hungry!

If you’d like more information on the Fairtrade Fortnight events taking place in your area, click here to access the Fairtrade Foundation’s events calendar.

We hope this blog has shone some light on the impact that buying Fairtrade has on the farmers and producers who provide our favourite foods. If you aren’t convinced, head to your nearest Fairtrade Fortnight event and speak to those who have been directly affected by the efforts of this great charity.

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