Sykes Cottages Guide to the Fourth of July

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The UK might not seem like the most obvious of places to celebrate American Independence Day, seeing as it is independence from Britain itself that the holiday celebrates, but surely tempers have settled after 300+ years. The 4th of July is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, with Americans coming out en masse to mark the date in 1776 that the first thirteen colonies officially declared independence from the U.K. and her Empire.

4th of July fireworks

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How to Celebrate the 4th of July

In the US the day involves lots of flag waving patriotism at outdoor concerts, parades, carnivals, and simple backyard parties, along with copious amounts of good ol’ fashion American eats, all topped off with the obligatory fireworks. Standard foods includes everything from simple BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs, to slow cooked ribs and grilled chicken, accompanied by the backyard classics, coleslaw, potato salad and corn on the cob.

4th of july table

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What do you wash all this down with? American beer of course! Coors Light and Budweiser are good choices here in the UK, easily found at most grocery stores. If you’re not a beer drinker, consider American style lemonade (more like cloudy lemonade here in the UK), or classic American sodas like root beer and cream soda.

Independence Day Events in the UK

Holding your own backyard party is always a good idea, but if you fancy getting out to mix with Americans on this notable day why not head out to one of the many events that are held throughout the UK to mark the occasion?

Independence Day at the Blue’s Kitchen, London:

This American themed eatery on Camden High St, London is the place to be in the capital on the 4th of July. From 7pm until 1am there will be live music, including a New Orleans style marching band, as well as their annual hotdog eating competition!

Family Picnic at the American Museum, Bath:

If you fancy something a little more low-key, the family friendly picnic at the American Museum in Bath is the event for you. From 5:30-8:30pm visitors will be treated to an evening of 50s and 60s classic rock ā€˜nā€™ roll, along with a BBQ. Just bring along your picnic blanket or chairs and enjoy a great outdoor evening of music, food, and fun with 50sā€™ cover band Kabinrock.

Pirates and Patriots at Edinburgh Castle:

For an event with a more historical bent the Pirates and Patriots tour at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is the perfect choice. During the American War of Independence prisoners of war were held in the vaults of the castle and at 1.15am, 12.15pm, 2.00pm & 3.00pm you can meet a prison guard and discover what it was like to be held in this mighty fortress.

Making a Weekend of Independence Day Celebrations

Briar Cottage - 1792

The perfect back garden for enjoying the sun – Briar Cottage 1792

The forecast for this coming weekend has the UK basking in some of the best weather of the summer thus far, so why not extend your celebrations throughout the weekend? Sykes Cottages have a great selection of last minute holiday cottage deals available for this weekend, many of which have back gardens perfect for a mini backyard party. Pack up your burgers and buns, grab some American mustard along the way, and spend the weekend basking in the sun beside a backyard BBQ. That sounds like the perfect way to mark Independence Day in the UK to me!

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