Top Ten Reasons to Visit Kent

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To celebrate English Tourism Week we will be taking a look at one of our favourite English counties, Kent. Bellow you will find our choice of the top ten reasons to visit Kent this year in the hopes that it will leave you feeling inspired for your 2014 holidays!

1. Kent is commonly referred to as ‘The Garden of England’ so it’s no surprise that their stunning gardens are top of our list!


2. Home to many impressive landmarks, Kent has been inspiring song writers for generations “There’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover…”


3. Within Kent’s diverse landscape you’ll find a fantastic array of wildlife- perfect for photographers!


4. But if you would rather photograph manmade structures then Kent boosts a stunning selection of architecture.


5. In fact Kent is home to some of Britain’s most iconic buildings.


6. If you’re looking to try a new activity you’re in luck as Kent is a haven for water sports


7. …and boasts a number of fantastic mountain bike trails.


8. Kent is renowned for its lively festivals full of party goers 


9. Or if you prefer a slower pace of life then Kent has a number of delectable restaurants for you to explore  


10. …and a stunning selection of Kent cottages perfect for a little rest and relaxation!

Shepherd's Farm House in Kent, Ref 7364.

Shepherd’s Farm House in Kent, Ref 7364.


I hope this post has motivated you to visit the beautiful County of Kent this year and if you need any help planning your Kent holiday then please feel free to call our reservations specialists on 01244 356695 or visit the Kent cottages page.

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Nicole Jones-Gerrard

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