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The beady eyed amongst you may have already discovered the exciting new additions to the Sykes Cottages portfolio. Just in time for the magical Christmas season and the excitement of Halloween, you can choose to spend these holidays in your very own self catering Fairy Tale Cottage rental. With so much to do in the land of Storytown, a holiday in one of our fairy tale cottages is sure to be full of magical activities and enchanted experiences.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House, Candy Cane Lane, The Enchanted Forest, Storytown

Often difficult to find your way to and from – we recommend leaving a trail – is the Gingerbread House. Definitely one for those with a sweet tooth; the walls are made from delicious gingerbread and covered in sugary wallpaper, the windows are surrounded by piped icing and everything is decorated with delectable sugary sprinkles. If you get peckish at night, there’s no need to go very far as the pillows and mattresses are made from deliciously soft marshmallow – making this house perfect for when you need a midnight snack! Those without a sweet tooth need not fret, as the gingerbread house also comes along with a live-in housekeeper so you can fully sit back and relax. Not only will she do the house work, she is also a big fan of fattening up her guests so you don’t need to worry about going hungry during your stay! Beware when booking this house during the Halloween season, as it proves very popular with trick or treaters, who last year were seen munching on the windowsills!

Straw House 

Straw House

Straw House, 1 Threepig Drive, Storytown.

The Straw House is Storytown’s number one eco-friendly property. It has recently been re-built due to being blown down, and is now much stronger – providing you with piece of mind during your stay! Unfortunately due to the risk of fire, there is no kitchen facility in this property. A short walk away into the centre of Storytown however, you will find a number of places to eat whilst mingling with the giants, pixies, gnomes and other magical creatures that reside in Storytown all year round. If recent stories of wolves trying to blow down the houses of Storytown have got you a little worried, you have the option to upgrade your stay to either our stick house (a little more wolf-proof than the straw) or our brick house (almost fully wolf-proof, particularly with a cauldron of boiling water beneath the chimney!) The brick house also benefits from having a kitchen.

Shoe Cottage

Shoe Cottage

Shoe Cottage, Old Woman’s Lane, Storytown

The third and final new addition to our Storytown portfolio here at Sykes is the Shoe Cottage. Pleasing to the eyes from the outside due to its shoe aesthetic and practical on the inside with a huge amount of space – sleeping up to twenty people – this cottage is perfect for large families. The property plays host to its own outdoors play area and it is in close proximity to the enchanted woods of Storytown, so children and adults alike will never be stuck for activities. Whilst this property is offered on a self catering basis, broth will be available for children.

In the likely event that our fairytale cottages in Storytown are unavailable for booking, then take a look at the other new properties we have recently added – available to book through Sykes Cottages for real holidays now.

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