Sunday Snapshots: Knapdale, Argyll

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Today’s Sunday Snapshot is of a rather cute beaver swimming in Knapdale in the Scottish Highlands. After being extinct for more than 400 years, wild beavers have been gradually reintroduced since 2009 in this part of Scotland in a trial which is the first of its kind in the UK. The Scottish Beaver Trial is a partnership between the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and Forest Commission Scotland and is well supported by local businesses. Four beaver families were introduced in 2009 and there are signs of beaver activity throughout Knapdale Forest. Signs of beaver activity are evident as you stroll through the forest from gnawed trees to a beaver dam. Time your visit before sunrise or after sunset for the best chance of spotting beavers in this beautiful habitat. More information about the trial itself can be found by visiting the Scottish Beaver Trial website where you can also find out about guided walks and download children’s activities.

If this has got you thinking about taking a trip to see the beavers in Knapdale, why not take a look at our Argyll cottages?



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