Sunday Snapshots: Saint Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

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The UK is blessed with some truly beautiful places, but few sights are more awe inspiring than Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. Rising up out of the sea this tiny island topped with a castle looks more like something out of a fairytale than a historic site. The Mount, as it is known locally, sits just off the shores of Marazion on the South West coast of Cornwall and has been overseen by the National Trust since it was gifted to the organization in 1954. The castle remains the family home of the St Aubyn family, with Lord St Levan calling it home today. The best part of Saint Michael’s Mount? It’s connected to the mainland via a causeway that can only be walked at lowtide, so you better time your visit right or you’ll be asking Lord St Levan for a spare bed!

St. Michael's Mount

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