Sunday Snapshots: Tour Of Britain 2013

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Cyclists are everywhere. Head out on a Sunday morning and you’ll see no end of bikes from a family of all ages complete with stabilisers and tow bars to a Lycra-clad group of fitness fanatics, perhaps even a tandem-riding pair on a date. Yes, it’s fair to say that the British public have fallen for cycling in a big way. Today marks the final day of the 2013 Tour of Britain and in just a few hours time a weary peloton will be making their way past famous London landmarks after a gruelling 1045 kilometres on the road. The tour began a week ago in Scotland and has since visited the Lake District, north and south Wales, Devon, Surrey and even a safari park! Crisp autumn days were made for a bike ride and this week’s bumper edition of Sunday Snapshots is sure to have you reaching for your helmet.

For those of you who didn’t make it to the Tour here are just a few of the highlights…Drumlanrig castle, home of the Scottish Cycle Museum, Lake Windermere, en route to Llanberis, a glorious sunrise at Caerphilly Castle, Sidmouth sea-front and the end in sight, Whitehall.

Cycle adverts


A ribbon of clouds over Llanberis

Caerphilly Castle

Sidmouth Folk Week 2013


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