Sunday Snapshots: Winter Wildlife Watch

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Last week, after I’d sidled into my frostbitten Fiesta to embark on my morning commute to Sykes HQ, I noticed small footprints on my windscreen. Suspecting squirrels, I later did a bit of Googling and discovered that the culprit was actually a fox. And that got me thinking: what other wildlife might be clambering about atop my car in the dead of a cold winter’s night?

You see, winter is blooming tough on wildlife- the lack of daylight means that many struggle to find food, and the plummeting temperatures radically affect survival rates. As such, many have to go to extreme lengths to track down their evening meal- like perusing the roof of a car, for example.

This, coupled with a lack of vegetation and leaf cover, make winter wildlife spotting a rather fruitful enterprise, with numerous species emerging from their comfy hovels in search of a spot of fodder. From the majestic deer and the illusive badger, to marsh harriers, redwings and starling roosts, there’s no denying that the UK is awash with astonishing wildlife during the winter months.

So if you should take a cottage holiday in the UK between now and February, it’s more than likely that you’ll encounter at least one of the following furry, feathery and altogether cuddly critters:


Via Flickr

duck life

Via Flickr


Via Flickr


Via Flickr

Starlings roosting

Via Flickr (And yes, they’re BIRDS!)


Via Flickr


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Jonathan Tuplin

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