Sykes in Scotland

One of Scotland's fastest growing letting specialists

Our cottages in Scotland can achieve up to 46 bookings a year
Many of our owners in Scotland enjoy earnings over £12,500
Our top-earning property in Scotland achieves over £17,000
Scotland is a fascinating and magical place, with varied landscapes and a rich heritage ensuring holidaymakers flock in their thousands to explore the craggy peaks of the Highlands, the unspoiled beaches of the Western Isles, the lush greenery of Dumfries, the rugged coast of Aberdeenshire or the many beautiful glens and lochs of central Scotland. And as one of the fastest growing holiday cottage specialists in the region, Sykes are keen to share the magic of Scotland with our customers.

More than 650 property owners throughout Scotland already trust Sykes to bring them more bookings. Our managers' local knowledge and up-to-date market expertise, in addition to our nationwide marketing capabilities, means whether in the Highlands or low, borders or isles, you can always rely on more bookings and less hassle.

We are fiercely proud of our Scottish portfolio, which has been ongoing for over 20 years, and our steady growth and excellent reputation shows that pride is well founded. Our Scottish owners benefit from the level of advice and help they need, whatever that may be, as well as a professional service, innovative marketing strategies and, of course, consistently attractive booking levels - simply take a look at the figures to see how we could work for you.

Type Of Property Average Rate
1 Bed £11,516.00
2 Bed £12,963.00
3 Bed £15,644.00
4 Bed £17,734.00
5+ Bed £Call
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"I have lived in Scotland for over 40 years and love it as much as you do. I joined Sykes as a local manager last year and have travelled the length and breadth of our fantastic country. The owners give great feedback, and the national team provide valuable support so I can give you expert advice on holiday letting in your area."

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