Sykes in The South West

One of the region's fastest growing letting agencies

Our cottages in the South West can achieve up to 46 bookings a year
Many of our owners in the South West enjoy earnings over £17,000
Our top-earning property in the South West achieves over £45,000
Whether you think of coast or country, there is something very special about the South West. With Cornwall's golden beaches, Dorset and Somerset's gentile market towns, or Devon's open moorland, generations of holidaymakers return year after year. As one of the fastest growing agencies in the area, Sykes are here to ensure your cottage cements its place in the South West's success story.

Over 600 South West property owners already trust Sykes to bring them more bookings. Our unbeatable passion for the area and property market expertise, allied to our nationwide marketing capabilities, means you could enjoy exceptional earnings as high as £45,000 a year.

While we continue to grow each year, our ethos remains the same as when we first began taking bookings 25 years ago. Likewise, while we may be national, our passion for service ensures each owner and each area has its own special place in our attentions, meaning our owners in the South West can rely on a personal service, help and advice when required, as well as outstanding bookings. A quick glance at the figures should be all the reassurance you need!

Type Of Property Average Rate
1 Bed £12,515.00
2 Bed £14,725.00
3 Bed £18,318.00
4 Bed £24,816.00
5+ Bed £Call
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"I live in Devon and love exploring the South West. I have worked in tourism for over 15 years and joined Sykes just over a year ago. As a new comer to Sykes I am proud of the genuine care for our owners and real success we help them achieve. "

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