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Our cottages in Wales can achieve up to 50 bookings a year
Many of our owners in Wales enjoy earnings over £15,000
Our top-earning property in Wales achieves over £46,000
North to south, east to west; sometimes it can feel like you're in another country altogether, so different are the spectacular landscapes on offer under the skies of Wales. Stunning beaches, towering peaks, magical islands and fantastic wildlife, all these and more are enjoyed by thousands of Sykes customers each year.

Sykes, the leading independent holiday agency in Wales, are based just on the border in Chester, so many of our staff hail from all over Wales, cementing our enthusiasm for all things Welsh! Our local managers are on hand to share their experience of the holiday letting market, and offer bespoke advice on how to maximise your income and ensure customer satisfaction.

At heart we are still the same family run company we were when we first began, but now our specialist local knowledge and innovative national strategies mean our owners in Wales enjoy a professional, supportive relationship which is also agreeably lucrative! Just take a look at some of the figures to see what Sykes can do for you.

Type Of Property Average Rate
1 Bed £10,307.00
2 Bed £12,356.00
3 Bed £16,169.00
4 Bed £23,830.00
5+ Bed £Call
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"I have lived in Pembrokeshire all my life so am passionate about South Wales. I have worked with Sykes for 7 years and in the industry for over 15 years. I know what makes a cottage great and can give you helpful advice on local letting. "

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