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Inspired by Sir Charles Monck 19th century honeymoon in Athens, Belsay Hall is famous for its sumptuous Greek architecture and exquisite craftsmanship. But there's more to this English estate than just fabulous structural design. Built over seven centuries in the midst of the serene Northumberland countryside, Belsay is also home to a 13th century castle, erected during the period of Anglo-Scottish warfare which threatened to ravage this illustrious county. Delve into Belsay's history for yourself on a cottage holiday in Northumberland. We've a number of excellent Northumberland holiday cottages within daytrip distance of this magnificent English Heritage site, so you can treat yourself and the kids to a great day out on your next cottage holiday in the North of England.

Something for everyone at Belsay Hall & Gardens

With its marvellous architecture, rich history and beautiful gardens, there really is something for everyone to enjoy at Belsay Hall. History fan? You'll want your camera at the ready as you explore the imposing ruin of Belsay Castle, first constructed here in 1270. Or, if you've a penchant for all things green fingered, you can look forward to a stroll around Belsay's eminent Grade 1 listed garden, which stretches from the formal garden encasing the hall, to the stunning quarry garden complete with cool ponds, thick ferns and striking sheer rock ravines. Plus, there's plenty to keep the youngsters occupied with, whether it's learning about Belsay Castle's murky past, or burning off some energy on the estate's expansive emerald lawns. We told you there was something for everyone at Belsay Hall, so be sure to pencil in a trip to this captivating English Heritage site on your next Northumberland cottage holiday!

So, when can I visit Belsay Hall and Gardens?

Belsay Hall and Gardens is open daily from 10am to 6pm, making it the perfect place to visit whether you're planning on packing a picnic and staying the whole day, or just looking for somewhere to stretch your legs one afternoon on your cottage holiday. Our nearby Northumberland holiday cottages make visiting Belsay Hall & Gardens a breeze, so book yours now and add a bit of fun and culture to your next cottage holiday!