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For those in search of the perfect Mother’s Day present, The West Bay Club & Spa offers an array of ways to spoil the most important woman in your life. From beautiful countryside and some of best food on the southern coast to an ultimate day of relaxation at West Bay’s Island Wellness Spa.

1. Explore Natural Beauty

The Isle of Wight is commonly known as the ‘Garden Isle’ because of its beautiful rolling landscape. More than half of the island is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and with almost 30 miles of Heritage Coast, it will come as no surprise that this beautiful island inspired many great authors, from Jane Austin to Charles Dickens.

With over 500 miles of award-winning footpaths and 200 miles of cycle paths, the island is the ultimate destination for any mother to relax and unwind, whilst enjoying some of the best countryside that the UK has to offer. Dubbed the sunniest place in the UK, its warmer than average temperature welcomes a range of exotic plants, unseen in other parts of the UK. You’ll find an abundance of beautiful walks and magnificent beaches right on your doorstep at The West Bay Club & Spa.

2. Foodie Capital of the South

mothers day food

The Isle of Wight boasts a range of local produce

The Isle of Wight is commonly regarded as the foodie capital of the south and has plenty to offer for any food lover. A trip to one of the Island’s many restaurants would be a perfect treat for your mother.

The Island’s residents take pride in the variety of local produce on offer. The warmer and more humid weather is the perfect climate for a variety of produce, from locally brewed beer to the UK’s largest garlic farm. If your mother is a fan of hot and spicy food, why not visit the House of Chilli store, in Sandown, and try one of their chilli-infused produce – including chilli vodka.

After a full day of exploring what the beautiful island has to offer, you’ll certainly find the perfect bite to eat for Mother’s Day.

3. Relax at the Island Wellness Spa

west bay club and spa

Relax at the West Bay Club & Spa

What better way to enjoy Mother’s Day than a full pampering at West Bay’s luxurious Island Wellness Spa? With a team of professional, highly-skilled people, it is the ultimate way to shake off the every-day stress. There are a variety of treatments available, such as Indian massages, hot stone massages and reflexology, all of which aim to restore a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit. Every booking made at West Bay comes with a complimentary membership to the Country Club and provides you access to an array of fitness classes.

If you’re planning to enjoy a full weekend of relaxation in honour of Mother’s Day, then why not spend a day exploring the beautiful ‘Garden Isle’, followed by nourishing some of the island’s delicious food, and then top it all off with a second day of relaxation at The West Bay Club & Spa?

To find the perfect West Bay Club & Spa Mother’s Day accommodation, click here.

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