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Family days out in Great Yarmouth

If you’re planning a family holiday to Great Yarmouth, you’ll want to know what the best places to visit are that the whole family will enjoy. Read this post to learn our five favorite family days out in Great Yarmouth.

Pleasure Beach

Family days out in Great Yarmouth - Norfolk - Pleasure Beach

Opened in 1887, Great Yarmouth’s pleasure beach sits at the top of the famous Golden Mile and is a huge attraction for families seeking traditional seaside amusements. Over 1 million people visit the pleasure beach each and every year and, with it covering more than 9 acres, you’re bound to find an abundance of amusements that the whole family will enjoy. There’s a mix of old and new rides, with the oldest roller coaster recently celebrating its 85th birthday.


Sea Life Centre

Family days out in Great Yarmouth - Norfolk - Sea Life Centre

Who wouldn’t fancy a teeth-chatteringly exciting encounter with a shark up close? The encounter would be even more enjoyable, if there were no element of being eaten! A visit to Sea Life in Great Yarmouth gives you the opportunity to come face-to-face with a selection of sea creatures and will inspire both children and adults alike. The interactive displays, including a tunnel walkway, provide you with magnificent views of these great creatures and watching the beautiful sea turtles glide effortlessly above your head will leave a lasting impression.



Family days out in Great Yarmouth - Norfolk - Joyland

This free to enter amusement park is famous across the country for its Snails and Tyrolean Tubs rides. Originally opened in 1949 by the Cole family, engineering entrepreneur Horace Cole designed and manufactured many of the park’s rides and snails. Today, the park is still owned and operated by the Cole family and draws in crowds from far and wide. If you fancy a bite, head over to their recently opened American diner!


Nelson Museum

Family days out in Great Yarmouth - Norfolk - Nelson Museum

This museum tells the story of Lord Nelson, national hero and much-admired local figure. Here, you can learn all about Lord Nelson and his time in Norfolk, from what it was like for him growing up in the area to his tragic death. There are some great gems on display, including two cannons and a piece of Nelson’s hair. The interactive ‘Below Decks’ experience is both fun and educational for the whole family. This experience beautifully portrays what being at sea during this era would be like, from how it would feel to both sounds and smells.


 Time and Tide

Family days out in Great Yarmouth - Norfolk - Time and Tide

On your visit to Great Yarmouth, if you could travel back in time, to what time would you go? A trip to this museum is one you will not forget. Time and Tide’s authentic sets allow your imaginations to run wild as you step through time and explore a variety of historic sets. From a walk along a Victorian ‘Row’ to relaxing on the harbor amongst old fishing boats, you’re bound to remember this museum for years to come.


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Photo Credits: Jeremy Thompson, Tico_24, Mr Companeros and Elliott Brown

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