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Decorating a holiday home takes a lot of time and imagination. You paint each room, buy the furniture you need, and add a few details for practical use, but something’s still missing. There’s a big empty space on the wall – so how are you going to fill it?

Every holiday let has its difficult spaces. The wall in question may be in too awkward a spot for furniture, or perhaps you have high ceilings and nothing to fill the gap in between. Never fear! With a few simple DIY ideas, that blank expanse can be transformed into a fabulous feature that brings the room to life.

The good news for property owners is that there’s a perfect wall option for every room of the house. The living room, for example, should be cosy and intimate – a real family space. It’s the ideal spot to create a personalised gallery – a constellation of unique heirlooms of the house, local objects, and inspiring art.

And what about the kids’ room? A lovely idea is to encourage your little guests’ creativity by making a chalkboard wall that they can decorate, erase, and re-decorate while they play. It’s easy to make, and you only need to invest in a bit of paint, masking tape, and chalk for the children. Let their fun-filled artistry do the rest!

Our new infographic explores a range of ideas on how to fill those blank spaces on the walls around the home. They’re tried and tested techniques which just need a bit of imagination and basic DIY.

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