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Are you wondering whether to go abroad or stay on home soil in summer? We have listed just 9 of the many reasons why your summer holiday should be spent in the UK.

Why go abroad when there are so many incredible holidays to enjoy right on your doorstep? In our recent UK Staycation Report, we found that in 2018, bookings for holiday cottages rocketed by 36%. This shows that even more people are seeing the benefits of staying in the UK as opposed to going abroad.

Savvy staycation-ers are avoiding the stresses of overseas travel and are taking advantage of what’s closer to home. Enjoy glorious beaches, epic mountain ranges, beautiful countryside and fascinating towns and cities right in your back yard.

Discover our 9 reasons to spend your summer in the UK…

1. Save money with a Staycation

Bucket and spade on the beach

Choosing a staycation holiday instead of heading abroad will save you money on everything, from airport transfers to mobile roaming charges. Not only this, but it is usually far easier to get to your destination. Hop in your car or on a train, bus or ferry and you could be on your holidays far quicker and for a fraction of the cost of travelling abroad.

2. No Currency Woes


You won’t waste time waiting in long queues to change your currency, or struggling to work out the value of what you’re buying when you’re there. There’s also no risk that your card will be swallowed because you haven’t informed your bank that you’re heading abroad!

3. No Passport Required

British Passport

I’m sure many of us have been there – a week before you jet off and you can’t find your passport, or worse, you find that it’s out of date. Avoid this and the added expense of purchasing a passport by staying in the UK.

In our 2019 Staycation Report, we found that the range of things to do, easy travel and friends and family recommendations were the 3 main reasons why Brits chose to stay on home soil in 2018.

4. Dog-Friendly Destinations

Dog on the beach

Holidaying in the UK means that you have the choice to take your pets on holiday with you. There are many fabulous dog-friendly destinations in the UK; wide open spaces in Dartmoor, forests full of new and exciting scents in Snowdonia, dog-friendly beaches in Pembrokeshire and waters perfect for cooling off after a long walk in the Lake District.

Here at Sykes, we love our four-legged friends and understand that they deserve a break just as much as the rest of us! 1/3 of Brits brought their canine companions along on their 2018 staycation, equating to 129,822 precious pooches! Browse our range of pet-friendly properties, or take a look at our Pet-friendly Holiday Guide for inspiration for your next adventure.

5. The Weather (it’s not all bad!)

99 Ice Cream

We may have a somewhat unpredictable climate here in the UK, but when the sun shines it makes the diverse scenery look even more beautiful. After a few scorching days in February, a sweltering summer is surely on its way. What’s the need to go abroad?

6. Beautiful Landscapes

Lake District

Aside from all the practical reasons, the UK is also a magnificent place to holiday. There’s the sweeping vistas surrounding our Lake District cottages, the dramatic landscapes visible from our Yorkshire Dales accommodation, Cornwall’s azure waters and golden sands, the magnificent glens of Scotland and the quaint, honey-stoned villages in the Cotswolds, to name but a few.

7. Unique Places to Visit

St Michael's Mount

Where else could you visit one of the best-preserved Roman Baths in Europe, sit underneath the apple tree that inspired Isaac Newton and visit the oldest inhabited castle in the world? We have plenty of fascinating and unique events that vary from place to place, such as Tar Barrel Rolling in Ottery St Mary to bog-snorkelling in Wales.

8. Seaside Resorts

Deck chairs at the seaside

We Brits do like to be beside the seaside, and our traditional seaside resorts are an integral part of our national identity. Think quaint towns filled with Victorian architecture, stretches of beach backed by bustling promenade and wooden piers stretching out into the sea populated with sweet shops and penny arcades. Many of these towns have evolved with modern times and offer plenty of popular attractions while retaining their nostalgic charm.

9. Beautiful Beaches

Durdle Door

UK beaches are undoubtedly among the best in the world. From the seemingly tropical sands and top surfing spots to secluded coves, pebbly bays and rocky shores, the UK has a variety of beaches to suit all tastes.

Build sandcastles in Whitby, search for sea creatures in the rock pools of Orkney, Kayak off the coast of Anglesey and ride the UK’s best waves in Newquay, you won’t be short of things to do.

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