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Here at Sykes Cottages, we love Cornwall. So much so, that we have recently launched our Hidden Cornwall campaign with the aim of helping to promote the stunning scenery on offer and showcasing some of the county’s lesser known treasures. Tim Boydell, the managing director of film production company, Light Colour Sound, was the man behind the incredible video that accompanies our campaign. He took the time out from his working day to let us delve behind the scenes of Hidden Cornwall.

Tim Boydell, Light Colour Sound

Tim Boydell, Light Colour Sound

Tell us a bit more about yourself, Tim.

I am a filmmaker from Cornwall! I have 2 passions: capturing images and surfing. Luckily, I have been able to make one of my passions my work. Light Colour Sound has been operating for over a year now and I have been lucky enough to make films at stunning locations around the globe for some really passionate people and businesses. We are always looking to push ourselves both imaginatively and physically to get amazing images and tell stories in a compelling and relative way.


Behind the Scenes!

We love the Hidden Cornwall video that you made for us. It captures the magic of Cornwall perfectly! How did you choose the places that appear in the film?

We went with the concept of showing Cornwall from its lowest geographical point to its highest. The beauty of Cornwall is there is so much to see and do, and it’s free! Here, it’s about taking in thousands of years of heritage, battered coastlines and natural wonders.

Were there any other places that you wanted to include but that didn’t make the final cut?

Cornwall has far too many incredible places to fit into a short film! The main places that come to mind are the Botallack Mines, Carn Brea, Land’s End, the Helford River, St Just, Tehidy Woods, and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. The list just goes on!

Cornwall ferry

Shooting on the ferry!

Obviously the point of the film is to showcase some of the most beautiful places in Cornwall and bring to light a few hidden gems. Where is your personal Hidden Cornwall?

My Hidden Cornwall would probably be places where I have great memories; from surfing as a child at Chapel Porth and Perransands, to days out on the boats near Falmouth and Malpas River. I’m a sea person so my hidden gem is definitely the ocean. I think this year I have seen more of Cornwall than ever and I am still finding new places to visit.


Why do you think Cornwall is such a popular destination for people holidaying in the UK?

Right now, I think people are looking for places to get away and relax more than ever before. Cornwall is super friendly, stunning and only a drive away for most people. For all the holidays you can go on, coming here is a holiday at home; it’s your back yard and therefore relatively stress free. Cornwall may not be the first place that comes to mind but trust me when I say that sitting on a sun lounger at an all-you-can-eat holiday in the Med isn’t going to be something to tell the grandkids about!

Shooting in Cornwall

Behind the Scenes

What was the process for planning and shooting the Hidden Cornwall film?

Our process starts with a client driven concept. We then create a way of telling that story via images and sound. We always try to make our films an experience, where possible, so incorporating sounds and colours that match a mood are really important to us. We had captured a lot of footage during the summer months with our Skyhawk and that played a big part in the production. The winter footage was captured over 3 days with actors at various locations across Cornwall.

What can you tell us about the Skyhawk equipment that you used to get the stunning overhead shots? It looks like they were taken from a real helicopter!

The Skyhawk is a remote control aerial camera which is, in my opinion, the most amazing thing to happen to film making in the last 2 years. It’s made our visions boundless because we now literally have a flying camera. It’s truly a stunning bit of kit and we just love getting it out and capturing life in previously unseen ways.

Skyhawk in Cornwall

The Skyhawk

What was your favourite part of Hidden Cornwall to film?

My favourite part was taking the crew and Arfa the dog to Bosscastle. I’ve been meaning to walk to the headland there for years, looking back at the village and coast. It’s a stunning place and Arfa just loved it.

Can you tell us a little bit about Arfa the dog and the actors that you used in the film?

Arfa the dog

The star of the show, Arfa, as a puppy!

Arfa the dog was the star of the show! He is a Collie/Springer cross with boundless energy. He’s one seriously photogenic dog and incredibly intelligent. They say never work with children and animals but Arfa was just a joy to work with-no makeup needed and he did just as he was asked! There were a few moments that he tried to get out of the boat chasing seagulls but after a treat or two, they soon disappeared from Arfa’s vision. The actors, Sheila and Tim, are both big lovers of Cornwall and jumped at the chance to take 3 days seeing the sights. We even went to their Hidden Cornwall, where Tim had asked Sheila to marry him 8 years ago, but we felt that we would keep that location a secret in the video!


You can view the Hidden Cornwall video below or by visiting our Hidden Cornwall page. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought of it via our Twitter and Facebook!

Video credit:Hidden Cornwall by Sykes Cottages Cornwall

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