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Whether you’re new to the world of holiday lettings, or you have been renting out properties on your own for years, making the choice of whether or not to join an agency is a big decision. It may come as no surprise that at Sykes Cottages we think that joining a dedicated holiday lettings agency is the best way to go whether you’re a veteran at holiday lettings or you’re just starting out! We work with owners from all lettings related backgrounds; from those who have a number of properties and have been working full time letting out holiday cottages for years, to those whom have just recently got a second property through investing or inheriting. Read on to find out the benefits of joining our other fantastic owners at Sykes Cottages.

Twenty Five Years’ Experience

Some early Sykes Cottages brochures, including hand drawn images of properties.

Whether it is your first time renting out a property, or you have been doing it for years, there can often be a lot to research and a lot to sort out. It’s always great to know that you have help and advice on the other end of the phone should you need it. This is where Sykes Cottages can come in to help; with over twenty five years’ experience working alongside holiday home owners, there is nothing that Sykes Cottages doesn’t know about the world of holiday lets. So you can be safe in the knowledge that there is an experienced and well trained team behind you, making sure that you get as many bookings as you can!

We won’t let you miss a booking

The team here at Sykes Cottages celebrating having made 100,000 bookings for our owners in 2013

If you’re working full time alongside managing your holiday let, or you’re just a busy person, there may be times when you can’t answer the phone or reply to an email enquiry quick enough. A customer may be enquiring to a number of different cottages at once, and if they don’t get a reply you may lose their custom for good. We realise this and at Sykes Cottages we have a friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated reservations team who work from 9am until 9.30pm seven days a week answering enquiries and taking bookings from customers. This gives you piece of mind that even if you’re not available to take a booking, we are!

Personalised, Easy to Find, Property Page

Property shown here is The Dairy. Reference 3700.

Perhaps you’re not the most skilled wordsmith, or your hands are a little shaky with a camera and you’re concerned about how you can describe and photograph your property to present its full potential on a webpage or in a brochure. Well no need to fret as at Sykes Cottages we have a talented editorial team who will create fantastic copy to describe your property and our regional managers will be happy to take photos of your property to show it off in its best light!

We do the marketing for you

Our 2014 selection of holiday brochures

In order to attract potential customers you need to be seen, and with all the varieties of marketing channels available, ensuring you reach potential customers can be timely and costly when doing it alone. At Sykes Cottages, we have a dedicated and talented marketing teams for both online and direct marketing, covering everything from sending out printed brochures to keeping up with social media. We’re not afraid to invest money in our marketing channels and have one of the biggest in-house marketing teams in the industry. We’re always working to ensure that potential customers find us and therefore, find you!

Your cottage stays your cottage

Image via Flickr

At Sykes Cottages we never forget that your cottage is just that; yours. We work together with our owners and whilst giving help and advice we will never tell you what to do and we will always respect your wishes. Whilst we will work hard to ensure we get you bookings, you can still make your own so that family and friends or even your own existing guests can book through you.

Apply for an Owners Information Pack

These are just some of the benefits to joining Sykes Cottages as one of our owners, if you’d like to hear more then why not apply for one of our free owners’ information packs or give us a call on 01244 356695 and someone from our friendly owner care team will help you get the ball rolling with letting your cottage with Sykes!

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