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Thought the only way to witness some wonderful views was to hop-foot it overseas? Think again! Recently, we ran a quiz christened ‘Britain or Abroad’, a fun test to see how well our readers know their Dorset from their Denmark, and the results were pretty surprising! A large majority of you mistook the UK’s views with those from overseas, proving once and for all that Britain’s panoramas can stand proudly beside some of the best views from around the globe. Want proof? Here’s an in depth look at some of the most surprising cases of mistaken identity that were revealed by our quiz, Britain or Abroad.

When asked where this was…

Take the Britain or Abroad Quiz by clicking here

Take the Britain or Abroad Quiz by clicking here

…39% of you thought it belonged abroad, when in fact, it’s Gwynedd in the Snowdonia National Park! As well as this, a significant number of people (34%) thought the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands were overseas- shame on you!

Another location that caused problems for our quizees was Durdle Door on Dorset’s magnificent Jurassic Coast, which around a third (34%) of you mistook for the Mediterranean. The same can be said of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, which 26% of you thought was abroad; though admittedly, that one was a little harder!

And it’s not just Britain…


Take the Britain or Abroad Quiz by clicking here

But it wasn’t just Blighty’s vistas being wrongly identified. Panoramas belonging to Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and the US were also misidentified as being British, with some 66% of people thinking that Hundested Harbour in Denmark was to be found on our shores.

And the geographical blunders didn’t stop there. A massive 59% of people believed Wyoming’s Lake Solitude to be British, whilst well over a third (43%) thought Kasteel Waardenburg in the Netherlands belonged in the UK.

So why the confusion? With the rapid expansion of our cities and the development of the digital age, it’s often all too easy to forget the sheer beauty that lies waiting to be discovered just a stone’s throw from your doorstep. With 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 15 National Parks and 1,000 smaller islands to its name, we think it’s about time that people rediscovered the true beauty of the United Kingdom before we lose touch of it altogether, so get out there and get exploring!

Yet to take on the Britain or Abroad challenge? Click here to have a go!

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