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We are proud to be the official Sustainability Partner for the Chester Pride Event, taking place on Saturday 19th August.

One of the key aspects of our Impact mission is our commitment to making a positive social impact, which is why this partnership holds great significance for us.

Discover everything you need to know about this essential charity, as well as detailed information about our partnership below…

Get to Know Chester Pride: Creating a Safe Space for All

a couple holding up a pride flag in the wind

Chester Pride is dedicated to advocating for inclusion and equality within the LGBTQ+ community. As a volunteer-led charity and community, their primary focus is on creating a secure and supportive environment for all LGBTQ+ individuals.

They offer programming, events and resources, including the Just Ask initiative, aimed at promoting the physical and mental well-being of their members. The charity also runs The Box Project, where free sanitary/menstrual products and condoms are available in venues throughout the city.

In addition to these efforts, they organise vibrant fundraisers and their annual Pride event. These events not only provide a fantastic opportunity for fun and connecting with like-minded people, but they also serve as platforms for advocating equal rights and raising awareness about the charity’s mission.

The annual Chester Pride event started 10 years ago and attracted 2,500 people. Since then, the event has experienced remarkable growth, with an impressive turnout of 21,000 people in 2022.

Day-to-day, you can find volunteers from the charity running the Rainbow Tea Rooms community café on Bridge Street in Chester. Why not pop in for a cake with a side of warm, welcoming service during your next Chester outing?

Making an Impact: Our Involvement at Chester Pride

proudly waving the pride flag

Last year, Richard Euston, head of the charity, visited our head office to host a Make a Difference session. During the session, he introduced Sykes employees to the charity and informed us of volunteering opportunities.

One of the opportunities presented was volunteering at the Chester Pride 2022 event. A group of Sykes employees dedicated their time to assist the charity in setting up and running the event on Friday, August 12th, Saturday, August 13th, and Sunday, August 14th. We are delighted to announce that many of us will be volunteering again this year!

On Friday, August 18th, several Sykes employees will gather at Lower Car Park to help set up Chester Pride, ensuring everything is ready for the main event on Saturday, August 19th.

Chester Pride have an important vision – they are trying to halve their carbon footprint by 2025. As Chester Pride’s Sustainability Partner for 2023, we will help support this by making their cups plastic free and completely recyclable, while also supporting waste collection and recycling at the event.

Our volunteers will also help steward the event, and you can expect to see a strong Sykes presence in the parade too; we can’t wait!

Want to find out even more about Pride? Our blog about Pride facts gives a great insight into this movement and its crucial month. If you’re looking for insight into our mission, check out our Impact Report for 2022.

Join us at Chester Pride – celebrating diversity and sustainability.

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