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If someone asked you to name the prettiest cities in Europe what would be the first names to pop into your head? It would be reasonable to assume that the majority of people would produce a list topped by usual suspects like Paris, Rome and Venice. However in a survey that was run by USA Today there were some real surprises, although none more so than the news that all three of the above were beaten by Chester!

That’s right, the North-West’s hidden gem finished in a more than reputable fifth position and in the end was the only city in the United Kingdom to make the top ten! Of course here at Sykes Cottages we are more than aware of why Chester deserves this accolade and have decided to list some of the city’s prettiest attractions so can see for yourself!

The Rows

No trip to Chester would be complete without paying a visit to the famous Rows, one of the city’s most iconic and unique attractions. They are a series of two-tier medieval galleries around the city centre that have become home to many of Chester’s bustling boutiques and independent shops. However thanks to their old fashioned charm, coupled with the black and white timber façades, the Rows have come to typify the character of the city and offer far more than just a bit of retail therapy.

Chester Cathedral

Chester City Cathedral

Via. Flickr

Chester Cathedral also plays a massive role in making the city one of Europe’s prettiest. Thanks to a rich and varied history that dates way back to the tenth century, the building contains some of the city’s most stunning architecture and draws in visitors from all around the world. Moreover, with Gothic columns, wood carvings from the fourteenth century and Norman arches all rolled into one, Chester Cathedral forms the perfect backdrop to the city centre.

Eastgate Clock

Eastgate Clock, Chester

Via. Flickr

Arguably Chester’s most iconic landmark and the centrepiece of the city, Eastgate Clock is reputed to be the second most photographed clock in the United Kingdom with only Big Ben being snapped more often. Although it was installed all the way back in 1899 to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria, Eastgate Clock remains a popular as ever with people flocking from all over to see it perched on top of the world-famous city walls.

Hopefully after reading this you’ll have some sort of idea as to why Chester is so attractive to American tourists. However, we all know that there is no substitute for the real thing so why don’t you book yourself a holiday cottage in Chester with Sykes and experience it all first hand this winter.

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