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We have committed to sponsoring Chester Zoo for a third consecutive year, supporting a charity that is very close to our hearts. Find out more about this fantastic attraction and the work that Sykes is doing to continuously support this very special charity. 

Our Pledge

Chester Zoo is responsible for a number of initiatives including “Act for Wildlife” and the “Sustainable Palm Oil Project”. Alongside our commitment to being Sustainable Palm Oil Champions, our sponsorship includes a pledge to fund the Chester Zoo education programmes, aimed at preventing the extinction of our native species.

Beyond our corporate sponsorship, we will continue to be an environmentally aware business, aiming to give back and help our planet as much as possible.

Discover Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is home to more than 27,000 animals, welcoming over 2 million visitors in 2019. In fact, Chester Zoo is the most visited wildlife attraction in Britain, providing homes for some of the planets most endangered and incredible species.

Made increasingly popular by Channel 4’s “The Secret Life of the Zoo”, you can meet all of your favourite characters. Visit Boris in the chimp house, the Hi Way family at the elephant enclosure and many more furry and friendly, mischievous creatures!

Asiatic lion Iblis steps into a huge new home at Chester Zoo

The zoo has also just launched its brand new lion enclosure, spanning more than 4,780 metres, homing three majestic Asiatic lions.  Their new home aims to recreate the habitats of the Gir Forest region of India, for the lions to enjoy plenty more space for exploring.

To plan your visit and discover all that the zoo has to offer, head to the official Chester Zoo website. You can also book online to save up to £4 per ticket.

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