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We are currently filled with excitement and anticipation for this Christmas and all thoughts are heavily focused on the brightly coloured gifts that are waiting patiently under the tree for us to tear into on Christmas Day. Yet, here at Sykes Cottages we know all too well the last minute stress that is associated with forgetting the up and coming February half term, so with that in mind we would like to remind you of the benefits of renting a self-catering holiday cottage this February and that booking early could help you relax into the festive spirit a little more.

Space and Comfort

Troopers Barn, Westhope, Shropshire: Ref. 26471

Arguably the biggest benefit of a self-catering holiday cottage this February is the extra space it allows you and your family; the children can have run of the house with plenty of sofa space for video games, a wealth of new and exciting hiding places for a game of hide and seek and an ample number of bedrooms so everyone can sleep soundly without Dad’s snoring keeping you up. The February half term gives you the chance to see family members that you might have missed during the festive season, with large properties sleeping up to 32 people there is plenty of space for the whole family and with a number of pet friendly cottages no one needs to be left behind.


Ewelands House, Sleight, North York Moors & Coast: Ref. 7315

No one wants to be dragged out of their beds whilst on holiday, so one of the main advantages of a holiday cottage is the flexibility it gives you. There are no cleaners knocking at your door to disturb your lie-in and no set meal times so you can wake up at your leisure. There is no need to select your dinner from a prearranged menu; with conveniently located shops you have the choice of what to eat, which can be a life saver for those families who have a few fussy eaters. Variety is the spice of life, so mix things up on your holiday, have a day exploring the local attractions or have an evening at the theatre with the family, you don’t have to fret about getting up early or arriving home late as you have the house to yourself and won’t be disturbing anyone!

Parents free time

The Hay Barn, Gilling Wes, Yorkshire Dales: Ref. 2286

“When the children are asleep we sit and dream” Rodgers and Hammerstein had the right idea here, after the children have gone to bed and are safely in the land of nod it gives the adults some much needed free time. Now this time can be spent in a number of ways and doesn’t have to focus on tidying up after the kids. We have an ample supply of cosy cottages which are perfect for relaxing on the sofa and watching your favourite films; you could also unwind in front of a beautiful open fire and catch up with the latest bestselling novel. Or if you’re feeling romantic you could always rent a cottage with a hot tub, treating your other half with the calming bubbly waters and allowing all their stress to just melt away.

We hope this list of benefits has left you feeling excited for the February half term, we know that Christmas is the main priority for families right now but please keep in mind that these properties are booking up fast! For a present with a difference why not get the family a Sykes Gift Voucher this year? Just imagine the joy on your loved ones face when they realise that they can get away with the children this half term and have some of if not all of the cost covered for them, priceless!

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