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That’s right ladies and gents; everybody’s favourite time of the year is fast approaching! The signs are all there, shops are rolling out the Christmas goods, children are writing their lists for Santa and no doubt that perennial debate of whose turn it is to host the big day is taking place amongst families around the country. However here’s an idea; why not spend Christmas in a Sykes Cottage? After all, we still have a wide range of properties that are available for the holiday period, from cosy little cottages right the way through to ones big enough to house the whole extended family.

There is still a wide variety of Christmas Cottages to choose from

Christmas at a Sykes Cottage

Rushmore Lodge, Kent – Ref 16229

All of our Christmas cottages come with features like spacious kitchens, large dining tables and more than enough crockery, so that (in theory…) the big day should go without a hitch! However if you are looking for a little bit extra, why not choose a cottage with an open fire, hot tub or swimming pool to enjoy Christmas in luxury. Also, be sure to remember that many of our fantastic owners will decorate the cottages themselves, so there is no need to root around in the attic for the missing fairy- and think of all that extra space for presents in the car! Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out our handy list of hints and tips for packing for Christmas in a Sykes Cottage!

Check out our Cracking Christmas Offers!

christmas tree

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There are plenty of options available if you do choose to spend Christmas with Sykes; you can book right the way through to the New Year to enjoy the whole holiday period in a fantastic self-catering holiday cottage. Or alternatively, you can take advantage of our Christmas Short Break offer, which lets you book a cottage for a five night stay starting from the 23rd of December at just 85% of the typical booking price. So what are you waiting for? Book online or get in touch with one of our holiday cottage advisors to make Christmas 2013 one to remember!

Christmas Decorations

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