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This holiday cottage has been awarded our maximum rating (5 ticks) and it’s not hard to see why. Complete with a 50 inch flat screen TV, a four poster bed, a BBQ, 8-seater hot tubs, a gym and a sauna, The Dairy also boasts high quality garden furniture and panoramic views of green rolling countryside.

After reading this blog, pop in reference number 4285 in the top right hand corner of your screen and click on the ‘View Supersize Image’ tab under the photos of the cottage. You will then see a slide show of The Dairy’s immaculate furnishings, such as the breakfast bar in the kitchen and the charming exposed beams.  Image 12 of 12 is a great shot of the green rolling countryside I mentioned. If, like me, you spend 99% of your time surrounded by drab grey concrete, then imagine waking up each morning and opening the curtains to that view.

In the coming months, The Dairy offers fantastic value for money as well. A 3 night winter short break is only £359. This cottage sleeps 11 so split £359 by 11 and divide it by 3 (the number of nights) and it works out at just £10.88 per person per night. What kind of hotel could £10.88 a night buy you? Would it have a 50 inch big screen TV, a BBQ, a hot tub, a gym, a sauna and all the rest?

Tempted? As you choose 11 people who you might like to get away with, why not click here and take a closer look at The Dairy?

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