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We have a rich historic culture here in the UK and there is no better reminder of this than the beautiful architecture that surrounds us. The question is, which do we prefer? Or rather what do the British public favour? Well according to an article from the BBC, ‘Which era of house do people like best?, we Brits prefer a Georgian property, closely followed by Victorian and Edwardian homes. Our ancestors were at the forefront of design, and now years on, we are reaping the benefits by being able to live in and visit these wonderful buildings. At Sykes Cottages we appreciate all the hard work that went into these glorious structures, so here is our advice on where you need to go to visit Britain’s best architectural delights.

Edwardian High Society

Via. Flickr

Via. Flickr

During the Edwardian era, the British experienced a radical change both in their culture and social behaviour; these exciting events took place in front of a glorious Edwardian backdrop.  Famed for their bay windows, off set front doors and wide use of red brick, Edwardian architects made practical but stylish family homes which are still a firm favourite today, taking up a commendable 17% of your votes! For a real feast for the eyes take a trip to Grange Over Sands in the Lake District. This pretty sea side town really takes you back to the Edwardian era with strolls along the promenade and afternoon tea with views over the ocean.

The Victorian legacy

The Victorians took design to new highs, leaving a legacy of open bay windows and the use of red brick which was taken forward into the Edwardian era. But unlike the Edwardians, our Victorian ancestors liked to stand out from the crowd, to show the world that ‘my home is better than yours’, a statement we still seem to appreciate today as 26% of people voted for the elegant Victorian style. For your best chance to view the Victorian’s bragging rights, head to Llandudno in North Wales where you will see a wide array of stylish homes and grand hotels along the coast line. You could even visit the annual Victorian Extravaganza where they present classic fairground rides and the locals dress accordingly for the era!

Georgian Grand Design

5 Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh – Ref. 14663

You voted Georgian design your favourite type of British architecture, with 38% voting for these grand abodes. And with their symmetrical facades and tall windows, it’s not hard to see why! Here at Sykes Cottages we would strongly suggest a trip to the historic city of Edinburgh, where grand Georgian buildings line the streets. Take in the sights of this sumptuous Scottish city,  before returning to your very own Georgian town house to relax after a day spent pounding the  pavements of Edinburgh. One of our hidden gems here at Sykes Cottages is the fabulous 5 Bellevue Crescent. Just minutes’ walk from the city centre, this wonderful property has all the classical features which we admire in Georgian architecture.

One of the many advantages of working here at Sykes HQ is being able to see all the wonderful period cottages we have on offer. But if like me you are now feeling intrigued and want to check out the fabulous period character available at these stunning cottages, then give our Holiday Advisors a call; they are always happy to help and have an inside knowledge of the best character properties for your next cottage holiday!

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