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Over 80% of people in the UK live in cities. Although the everyday convenience of living in a town is unquestionable, every now and then we all want to get away from the busy day to day routine. Away from the daily grind of work, the noise of traffic, people and the pollution that city life poses, an escape to the country can be just the thing to make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. After all, that’s what holidays are about isn’t it?
With lots of UK holiday cottages still available in the next couple of months, a rural retreat in the countryside could be the perfect place to soak up a bit of summer sunshine. Retreating to the country means that you can make the most of the simple things in life. Take pleasure in the great outdoors and go for a walk in the fresh air or enjoy a saunter along a canal tow path. Take in the rolling landscape and the beauty of the British lakes and mountains.
With so much intriguing history to learn about, why not make the most of the attractiveness and history of the country by visiting a National Trust property on your country break? Learn about the history and heritage of the beautiful country that we live in. Maybe visit a stately home, traditional gardens or a historic home that takes your fancy.

The British Countryside is a beautiful natural habitat to so many animals, of all shapes and sizes. The hedgerows that line the side of so many of the narrow country lanes that characterise the countryside are brimming with birds and home to lots of small animals. Bird watchers will be in their element and there are countless opportunities for a spot of fishing.
For those who love our four legged animal friends, a farm stay could be the perfect choice. Get up close to nature and enjoy the fresh air and naturalness of a farm. Enjoy the peacefully sound of animals grazing in the fields and if you are lucky, cook up a freshly laid egg for breakfast in the convenience and comfort of your country cottage.
Stay in a country cottage allows you to make the most of something a little different. How about a chocolate box cottage in the Lake District complete with a thatched roof or a Peak District lodge with spectacular views of the surrounding scenery? Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a fantastic holiday in the countryside.

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