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The Lake District is one of the most scenic and popular tourism spots in the UK and it’s not difficult to see why; the National Park has some of the most incredible landscapes in the UK. If you would like some further convincing, check out our fascinating about the Lakes below.

There’s only one actual lake in the Lakes 

It seems unlikely given that its name has the word lake in it, but you will only find one official lake in the Lake District. There are 16 bodies of water flowing in the area, but only Bassenthwaite Lake has the name ‘lake’ in it, the rest are either ‘water’ or ‘mere’.

It rains. A lot

The Lake District gets more than its fair share of rain fall. In fact, the hamlet of Seathwaite is the wettest inhabited area in the UK, experiencing approximately 350 centimetres of rain annually!

It’s huge

The Lake District is the biggest National Park in England and the second largest overall, behind Cairngorms in Scotland, which is 4,528 square kilometres, compared to the Lakes’ 2,292 square kilometres.

It’s home to England’s deepest natural lake

Wast Water – 260 feet deep

It’s also home to the UK’s largest natural lake

Windermere – 11 miles long

Image credit – Joe Dunckley

You might spot a Red Squirrel

The increasingly endangered Red Squirrel is native to the Lake District and the region remains one of the few woodland areas in the UK you can still observe them.

Home to England’s highest peak

Scafell Pike is England’s highest peak, at 3210 feet.

Hugely popular with tourists

There are only approximately 40,000 residents of the Lake District, but tourists flock in their millions. Around 17 million people pay visit to the Lakes annually, which is the equivalent to roughly ¼ of the UK’s population.

If you’ve been inspired to make the Lake District your next holiday destination, please visit our Lake District Cottages page.

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