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Here at Sykes, we think that there is no better Christmas Eve activity than getting cosy in front of the TV with your favourite Christmas film and a hot chocolate (or for the adults, a festive tipple!) Apparently we’re not alone in this, as we each watch an average of 13 films over the festive period. In honour of it being Christmas Eve, we thought we’d do something a little different this Tuesday and share with you our favourite Christmas films from a few of us here in the office at Sykes HQ.

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

“I like to dust off my copy of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ during the festive season as it provides a brilliant alternative to your ordinary Christmas film, with  skeletons, monsters, ghosts and of course Father Christmas, this is definitely an unusual film. Along with fantastic animation, inspiring music and lovable characters this film has a real feel-good meaning, well that is after Jack has destroyed Christmas. The Pumpkin King realises the way to make himself truly happy is just to be himself and I feel, with the rise of bullying in schools, this is a lesson that we all should learn and appreciate.” Nikki

It’s a Wonderful Life

“Choosing my favourite Christmas film actually proved to be quite a difficult task, however I finally settled on It’s a Wonderful Life. I only saw it for the first time a few years back after my Dad came home with the DVD but since then it has become a household tradition to watch it together – maybe it’s a sign of how good it is that we can all sit down and watch it without bickering. It may sound a bit cliché but It’s a Wonderful Life really has everything that you could want from a festive film with one of the most uplifting endings and as far as I’m concerned should be compulsory Christmas viewing for everyone!” Jamie

Father Christmas

Father Christmas

“For me, Christmas isn’t complete without watching Father Christmas. Being released the same year I was born means that I have literally grown up with this brilliant short film, and it is as much a part of my annual Christmas festivities as crackers and twinkly lights. This film shows Father Christmas in a different light to what we’re used to: living in the suburbs, going on holiday and getting ready for ‘another bloomin’ Christmas’ rather than the usual jolly Lapland –inhabitant we’re used to seeing in festive films. If possible, I find this Father Christmas more endearing than the typical jolly Santa image and his grumpy attitude makes for a few laughs along the way. The cynical Santa, wonderful animation and excellent story line is what makes this my must-watch Christmas film every year!” Leanne

The Santa Clause

“What more could you ask for: Tim Allen, a flaming turkey and a band of flying “elves with attitude”. Yes, this is 1994’s The Santa Clause, a wacky portrayal of one divorcee’s transformation into Santa Claus. After inadvertently murdering Little Saint Nick on Christmas Eve (awkward), advertising exec Scott Calvin embarks on a mind-bending festive odyssey which sees him gain weight, grow a beard and convince the world that he is indeed Father Christmas. This enchanting tale offers up a good dollop of old fashioned Christmas cheer without being overly demanding, so is sure to be a hit with the little ones.” Jonathan

Home Alone

Home Alone

“There are so many amazing Christmas films but when it comes down to it I think my favourite has to be Home Alone. I watch this film at least once every Christmas and no matter how many times I see it, it never gets old. The story is undeniably a bit crazy but who cares! For me, Macaulay Culkin is absolutely perfect and his ridiculous facial expressions still make me laugh every time I watch it. There are so many classic one-liners to join in with and it invokes a real sense of nostalgia from having grown up watching it. It’s hilarious, heart-warming and Christmassy all in one, what more could you want!” Louise

If having a festive film marathon is one of your favourite Christmas Eve pastimes, why not shake things up a bit next year and cosy up in a holiday cottage with your DVDs and Christmas snacks? It’s never too early to book a Christmas holiday cottage for 2014!

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