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Here in Britain, we have an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife that we often take for granted. Wherever you are in the UK, you are sure to never be more than a short drive away from nature. It could be the local park with creepy crawlies galore or you may be lucky enough to live near a forest or beach where you can find nature thriving. At Sykes Cottages, we think there’s nothing better than getting back to nature.  If you agree, then take a look at our pick of some of the best nature activities taking place this month.

Go Rockpooling on the Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast, Dorset

Via Flickr

The spectacular Jurassic Coast, a recognised World Heritage Site, lies along the coastline of Devon and Dorset, covering over 95 miles. The site is home to rocks dating back over 180 million years and at Lyme Regis Museum you can spend an afternoon exploring these rocks in the company of experts.  On Thursday 24th October at 2.30pm, the museum is holding a guided rockpooling walk with Museum Geologist, Paddy Howe and Marine Biologist, Chris Andrew. Visitors will be investigating the rockpools of Broad Ledge and when surrounded by so much history, who knows what you might find! These walks fill up very quickly and places must be booked in advance. Tickets also include free entry to the museum where you will be able to see displays of rare fossils and find out more about Mary Anning, the famous palaeontologist.  The Jurassic Coast is in a truly stunning corner of the UK and is the perfect destination for a family holiday this autumn.

Help a Hedgehog in Yorkshire

Sleeping Hedgehog

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On 28th October, the North York Moors National Park is holding a ‘Help a Hedgehog’ event starting at 10.30am. Hedgehogs are very vulnerable at this time of the year as they begin to start the process of hibernation. They need to have enough fat reserves to survive through the winter and they’ll need a warm, safe place to stay. Some hedgehogs also have a second litter in late September/October and with a lack of food and warmth available so late in the year, baby hedgehogs born at this time struggle to make it through the winter. Visitors to the National Park in Danby, Yorkshire can help by taking part in building special homes for hedgehogs to keep them comfortable and cosy during the colder months, hopefully ensuring that they survive.

Experience the Goose Breakfast at Montrose

Geese at Sunrise

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Every year, Montrose Basin on the North East coast of Scotland, plays host to one the country’s most spectacular natural phenomena, the arrival of over 65,000 Pink Footed Geese who have flown over 700 miles from their homes in Iceland and Greenland to roost in Britain’s milder climate. The geese start arriving in September and don’t leave until March, so if you have some time spare, it is well worth making the trip to Montrose to see this incredible vision. One of the best ways to experience the Pink Footed Geese is at the ‘Goose Breakfast’ run by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The next breakfast is taking place on Sunday 27th October at 6.30am and places must be booked in advance. At this event, you will witness the geese take off over the water to feed in the nearby fields. The sight of 65,000 geese flying against a beautiful pink sunrise is a truly unforgettable experience and afterwards, visitors are even treated to a breakfast in the Visitor Centre with a question and answer session. If you’re planning to visit Montrose Basin this autumn, why not book one of our holiday cottages in Scotland and allow yourself time to explore the coast with a cosy Scottish cottage as your base.

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