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Oh, the great British countryside. It’s a thing of fairy tales and children’s stories, with its patchwork of farmers fields, lush green forests, and cuddly little animals inspiring artists and writers the world over. The brilliantly yellow daffodils of the Lake District served as the inspiration for Wordsworth most famous poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, while the countryside surrounding the Suffolk home of John Constable is today simple known as ‘Constable Country’, a testament to the love that the artist had for his home.

Though the landscapes may have changed since the times of Wordsworth and Constable, you are still sure to find some of this same inspiration when you spend time in the beautiful English countryside. So pack up your writing pad and pencil, and watercolour paints and easel and set about creating a masterpiece of your own.

Wander Lonely as a Cloud with Wordsworth


There is no end to the artists and writers who have loved and been inspired by the great British countryside, both in days gone by and today. Learn more about what made William Wordsworth fall in love with the Lake District with a visit to Dove Cottage, the place that Wordsworth called home from 1799-1808 and where he wrote some of his best-known and best-loved poems. Take a guided tour of the cottage and hear all about Wordsworth, his friends and family, and take part in the regular events held on site.

Step into a Constable Masterpiece

Constable Country

In the beautiful Dedham Vale you’ll find the town of Flatford, Suffolk which served as the site for some of John Constable’s most famous paintings. Constable called Bridge Cottage home during his younger years while his father was the owner of Flatford Mill. It was the countryside surrounding his home that inspired young Constable, using the local working landscape as inspiration for some of his most famous paintings, including ‘The Hay-Wain’, ‘Boat Building’ and ‘View on the River Stour’. Find yourself a quiet little country cottage to rent in this beautiful part of the UK and discover for yourself why John Constable was so enamoured of the area.

Walk in the Footsteps of Greatness with Dickens

English Country Path

Charles Dickens may be famous for his gritty portraits of Victorian urban life, but the man himself loved the outdoors, and often spent his days walking more than twenty miles through London and its suburbs, before taking to the countryside. Dickens was almost a compulsive walker, and barely a day went by that he didn’t take to the streets of London or the country lanes of Higham, Kent, home to the author’s country home. Dickens used his long walks as inspiration for his novels, recording things that he saw along the way to build his elaborate stories. Maybe you have a masterpiece inside you that is just waiting to be released by a long distance walk through the UK countryside.

Spend your next UK holiday enjoying all of the creative pursuits that you never have the time for during your busy schedule. Browse through our selection of country cottages to rent in the UK and find the perfect little creative haven for a holiday filled with writing, painting, and just generally being inspired by the beautiful country landscapes of the UK.

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