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Spring is nearly upon us but with the harsh winter weather still ravaging our coast line and freezing the fields it’s hard to believe that in no time at all we will be surfing the sandy beaches and picnicking on the hills. Here at Sykes Cottages, we cannot wait to don our summer hats and embrace the warmer weather; we know all too well that the peak summer season can creep up on you before you’ve even thought of packing away your winter clothes. So to get you in tip top shape for the summer months, we have provided some handy tips that will make your cottage more appealing to your summer guests.

Trimming the hedges

The Summerhouse, Isle Of Wight, Ref 20969

The Summerhouse, Isle Of Wight, Ref 20969

No one wants to be locked up inside when there’s glorious weather outside, so if you have a garden at your property,  ensure it’s prepped and ready for the sunseekers before summer arrives. Here are a few tricks to make your garden a little more attractive this summer:

  • Have a tidy up! Mow the lawn, cut the hedges and plant some flowers; your guests would rather relax in a tidy garden than have to wade through weeds to find the deck chairs.
  • Add some garden furniture, a table and chairs, sun lounger, maybe even a BBQ. If you’re going to be spending your time outside running around with the children you’ll need somewhere comfy to relax when the games are over- plus, it’s always nice to dine alfresco during the summer months.
  • Childproof the garden. If your property is child friendly think about building a fence or wall, it not only adds safety for the children but can be a huge benefit if you accept pets at the property.

Airing out the cottage

Ty Lawr, Cemaes Bay, Ref 8727

Ty Lawr, Cemaes Bay, Ref 8727

It may not seem like it now but come summer there will be no need for those thick blankets and extra logs by the fire. Here are some suitable suggestions for what your guests will need during the summer months:

  • As the summers get hotter your guests will require lots of cool fresh air. Make sure your windows and doors are in good working order and provide a fan for those rooms that let in a little less natural air.
  • Make sure your kitchen is ready for summer eating. My favourite treat during the summer is a nice cold ice-cream so you’ll need plenty of freezer space for your guests to stock up on frozen treats!
  • During the summer, people are more likely to eat outside so why not invest in a plastic picnic set? A plastic set is far less likely to smash than your good china dishes and your guests will really appreciate the gesture.
  • The nights will start to get a lot warmer as we approach summer so why not change your thick bedding for a lighter range that will allow your guests to sleep more soundly.

Out and About

he Old School Room, near Morpeth, Ref 13778

The Old School Room, near Morpeth, Ref 13778

The summer is made for adventure and it’s likely your holiday cottage will be booked as a base for the guests to explore the local area. Why not help your visitors explore their holiday destination with some of these little extras:

  • If you have tourist attractions in the area, advertise them with some leaflets. These can be easily picked up from the attraction itself and will save the customer time when planning a day out.
  • If your cottage is located in an area with good walks, jot down a few routes or advise the customer on the best paths to take, after all we don’t want them getting lost or venturing into a private field!
  • Some customers may prefer to use public transport whilst on holiday, so providing a few taxi numbers and a local bus timetable would really benefit their holiday.

We understand that you won’t want to make changes straight away as the cold weather is still with us; but by starting to plan ahead and picking up summer items in advance, you’ll be ready to go when the summer sun starts to shine!

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