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You might have noticed that not long ago Sykes Cottages welcomed a group of extra special fairy-tale cottages into the fold, including our very own Gingerbread House. As you might expect we have been inundated with requests about staying there and we just can’t keep up. Therefore we created this handy little infographic that would give people all the information that they would need to build their very own life-sized gingerbread house from scratch. However, we weren’t too sure about how these delicious dwellings should be decorated and so we turned to some extremely friendly bloggers, and their little assistants, for a touch of inspiration.

The Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House, property reference no. GNGBRD

We ran a competition where we sent out a few build your own gingerbread house kits for them to put together and then decorate to their heart’s content; needless to say, the creativity certainly flowed. We then had the difficult job of choosing a winner from the various creations, something that proved to be quite a task.

The Runner Ups

Our first entry was the gingerbread house created by our helpers at Here Come the Girls. This turned out to be one of the more creative entries as rather than making a traditional gingerbread house they went all out and recreated one of their favourite fairy-tales with a model of Rapunzel’s tower that included an evil witch and Rapunzel’s hair. The lovely people over at Crummy Mummy also entered a wonderfully creative gingerbread house roofed with fruit gum tiles that are colourful to make any house stand out from the crowd.

Our friends over at Domestic Goddesque pushed the boat out with a real winter wonderland complete with a snow covered garden and Christmas tree. Also going for the festive approach, the family at Here We Are Together sent over a Christmassy cottage that included an extra Christmas tree, not to mention a snowman constructed from marshmallows and chocolate buttons.

Here We Are Together's gingerbread house

The Gingerbread House created by Here We Are Together

Unfortunately the kit that we sent out to the family at Mum In The Mad House was slightly damaged in the post, however thanks to some handy work with a bit of tin foil, not to mention a fantastic array of Christmassy decorations, the situation was rescued. The Gingerbread House that our friends from Bakes, Books And My Boys also featured a touch of DIY, albeit in the form of a hand-crafted candy cane door frame which added a lovely finishing touch.

Although there may have been an unfortunate incident involving the gingerbread Hansel the entry from Simply Being Mum proved to be a delightfully festive house that even came with a couple of sugar model snowmen in the garden.

Simply Being Mum's Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House made by Simply Being Mum

The lovely people over at Modern Mummy certainly let their artistic side out with some fantastic Christmas decorations, especially the white icing around the window and door, whereas Deep In Mummy Matters went for the location, location, location approach with a prime spot of lakeside real estate for their gingerbread house.

The Winner

Ultimately we settled on The Brick Castle as our winner. This was mainly down to the addition of a little nativity scene, not to mention the very impressive Brick Castle! We also liked the fact that they included a little gingerbread recipe so that their readers could break out the baking trays and give it a go themselves.

The Brick Castle Gingerbread House

Our Winner: The Gingerbread House from The Brick Castle

Finally we would just like to pass on a massive thank you to all of the bloggers that took part in the competition, and of course their little assistants, and we hope that they enjoyed their culinary crafting.

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