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With Christmas just around the corner, Sykes Cottages are here to alleviate the pressures of present buying with our marvellous guide to some of the best gifts to buy for travellers this Christmas. From the budding gadabout to the hardened adventurer, you will find plenty of inspiration on what to buy for your itchy footed companion. Plus, with our great selection of self-catering holidays, there’ll be ample opportunity for testing out the new kit in the New Year! So what are you waiting for? Take the hassle out of your holiday shop with our helpful and enlightening Christmas gift guide today.

Gifts for Adventurers

Slioch Summit 1

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Is your Uncle Geoff a stickler for all things ramble related? Or, perhaps your spouse has a burning desire to hurtle down a wooded hill on two wheels? Our Christmas gifts for adventurers prove perfect for anyone inclined to live life on the wild side. For walkers, opt for some nerdy navigational equipment that’ll help them track their progress as they traverse some of the UK’s most prominent peaks. The Garmin eTrex adventure sat nav is a great way to find the nearest beauty spot when you’re out on a far-flung wander. This nifty piece of kit will keep you on the straight and narrow over any form of terrain thanks to its highly sensitive GPS receiver, and its rugged outer casing make it a winner whether you’re summiting a peak in the Scottish Highlands or taking a remote stroll along the cliffs in Cornwall. Plus, it’s relatively cheap, so win win!

For cyclists, a helmet is a great gift to show how much you care by helping to safeguard your significant other’s lovely face and brain, but if they’ve already got one (which they should!), buy them the gift of direction with Sustrans Cycling in the UK. This 272 page tome is the official guide to the England’s National Cycle Network, making it perfect for anyone taking up the sport for the first time. From Norfolk to Northumberland, the book comprises a number of great routes, so you can look forward to spending your next cottage holiday in the saddle.

Gifts for Little Travellers


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If your little’uns are already showing signs of becoming the next Sir Ranulph Feinnes, then why not buy them a travel-related gift to help nurture their inner adventurer. The RSPB have a great selection of affordable binoculars for children, which are ideal if you’re conspiring to get the kids more interested in nature in the New Year. Alternatively, unleash their creativity with the Crayola Digital Camera. This robust, child friendly gizmo is perfect for capturing a kids-eye-view of the antics of your next cottage holiday.

Another great gift which will keep the kids entertained at home and on the road is a travel board game. These convenient, usually magnetic, board game miniatures offer endless fun however long your car journey, so the days of answering yes or no to the infamous question: ‘are we there yet?’ will be long forgotten.

Give a gift that keeps on giving!

Baby otter

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If you’ve been searching for that one gift that will change the course of the recipient’s future, then give a gift that keeps on giving! There’s a myriad of nature inspired presents out there that will brighten up their day long after the Christmas tree has been taken down. If you know someone who is fanatical about nature, why not adopt a tree in their name? Many conservation charities now offer this service to help protect some of the UK’s most endangered woodlands, including ancient Oaks in Cornwall and towering pine trees in the Lake District. And it’s not just trees. The Wildlife Trust give keen nature lovers the chance to adopt all manner of British wildlife, including otters, dolphins and bats, in the hope that it will help people reconnect with our irreplaceable  natural world.

So go on, quench your loved one’s wanderlust this Christmas with a lovely travel gift,  and look forward to trying out all your new toys amid the beautiful British countryside on a Sykes cottage holiday.


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