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When creating a holiday let business model, you will find that strategies differ from property to property, but there are a few consistent, key points to consider when letting out your property. These are as follows:

  • Keeping stability in your revenue, income and finances
  • Maintaining stability in your bookings through guest satisfaction, reviews and generating re-bookings
  • Ensure that your property is livable, clean and tidy for your guests.

If you’re new to the world of holiday homes, you can find out more about how to start a holiday let business in our alternative blog.

How to Maximise your Income

Holiday let business model revenue

As a property owner of a holiday let, your two goals are to boost your holiday let income as possible while providing the best experience possible for your guests. In your holiday let business model, you will need to consider both of these factors in order to maximise your income.

Generating Profit

To generate a healthy profit for your holiday let, you will need to provide good resources that will ensure that your guests have everything that they need to enjoy their stay at your home.

On top of this, you will need to ensure that utilities provided such as water, gas and electricity are reliable and can be fixed easily in case of any misfortunes.

To generate a good profit, provide only what your holiday let can afford and don’t go overboard on your spend. Work out a budget for your resources and utilities to ensure that you do not overspend.

Important tip: Cutting your costs early may harm you in the long run. Having more pricey, yet more durable utilities could save you from forking out more money in the future.

With all this being said, you need to remember your guest satisfaction. Are they getting what they paid for?

Customer Satisfaction and Why it is Important in your Holiday Let Business Model

Holiday booking guest satifaction

Without customers, your holiday let venture will fall at the first hurdle. That’s why it is vital to ensure that customer satisfaction is a cornerstone in your holiday let business model.

Dealing with customer queries before or after their stay helps to ensure that your guests have the best experience possible. Some holiday cottage owners like to utilise the help of a holiday letting agency to aid with handling customer queries.

Unique selling points in your property will guarantee you brownie points with your guests. Such selling points include a hot tub, a swimming pool, pizza oven or outdoor bar. All of these will ensure that your guests have the best stay possible.

If your guests are truly satisfied with their stay, there is a high chance that they might stay again, generating a recurring income possibly over a number of years. If not, they might be tempted to leave you and your property a good review which will help you improve your overall holiday let guest reviews.

Competitor Analysis

Pricing – It’s one thing having one of the best properties on the market, it’s another thing making it competitive in terms of pricing, making it affordable for your guests.

Take a look around at properties that compare quite similarly to yours in terms of location, features and utilities, to find the general costs of how much your competitors are charging.

Did you know: Holiday let management companies, like Sykes, invest a large amount of money to ensure that the prices displayed on their sites reflect the current holiday market. Promoting your property through such an agency will allow you to offer accurate and competitive prices.

Living Standards – The area that your property sits in will have a massive impact on how much you can expect to receive when letting out your property. If your home resides next to a local pub or bar, you can expect that not as many guests will want to stay at your home.

What does your property look like in comparison to your competitors? Is it old fashioned and outdated? If so, updating the style of your home will help your property stay competitive in a modern market.

Add-ons – Are the other properties in your area offering something that you don’t? If a property with a similar size to yours gets more bookings at a higher rate, ask yourself what more can you be doing for your guests?


Property Management

Holiday home management

As a holiday property owner, you will need to be able to part with your property, especially in the peak seasons.

If your property is unavailable in key parts of the year, you could be losing out on a great deal of revenue and ‘buzz’ around your property as the go-to place for a seasonal holiday.

As with most businesses, restoration work on your property is costly in more ways than one. This is because whilst your property is being restored, refurbished or redecorated you will not be able to take any bookings, losing out on valuable revenue.

Make sure that big restoration work is done during your quiet months to mitigate any loss in profit for the year.


The costs of running a holiday let is a huge area to consider when running your letting business as this will be the area that makes or breaks your success in the holiday let industry.

Cleaning – The minimum standard that your guests will expect from your property is cleanliness. Hire an effective cleaning team or agency that will meet yours and your guests expectations.
Providing clean linen, utilities and resources is a vital part in providing a positive experience for your guests.

Finances – If managing your finances becomes too much for you, you can hire an external financial adviser or assistant who can ensure that your finances head in the right direction.

Management – Managing a holiday property on your own can be hard. It becomes even more difficult  if you have to manage your holiday home remotely.

A holiday letting company, likes Sykes Cottages, can help you manage your promote, taking the stress away from you.

Let your property with Sykes and earn up to £125,000 per year*

  • Join over 15,000 holiday properties already working with Sykes Cottages
  • We welcome over 26 million web visitors a year
  • Many of our owners achieve more than 45 bookings a year
  • We specialise in turning your holiday property into a profitable year-round income for you

*Based on a 7 bedroom property in the Lake District with bookings between October 2017 to September 2018.

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