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With many visitors coming and going from your property, it is nice to know that your holiday let is secure. But if you are like most holiday property owners, you will be managing your property remotely which can make holiday let security a difficult task to manage.

On top of insuring your property let with holiday let insurance, there are many ways that you can keep your holiday let secure, including cameras, alarms and sensors, as well as some other methods that will protect your property.

Read on to discover some top tips around holiday let security.

Why is Holiday Let Security Important?

Holiday let security

With holiday lets being regularly unoccupied, and often located in rural areas with low police presence, this can mean that they can be targets for theft and other criminal activities.

Holiday homes can be subject to theft and other criminal activities, as most properties are located in rural areas that are usually free from criminal activity, meaning police presence will be low.

  • Unfortunately, some levels of security are a necessity in order to protect your property and belongings.
  • Concerns around letting out a property in a rural area is higher due to the fact that the property is vacant more often than usual.
  • Home owners will often kit out their properties with expensive devices or equipment including TVs, gardening tools and cooking equipment.
  • When guests arrive at the property, they tend to bring expensive gadgets with them such as an iPad, laptop or any other object of great monetary value.

Burglaries are very rarely spontaneous when hitting their targets. The more skilled criminals will scope out the property in advance, learning its weak points and the best time to strike.

The more security measures you have for your property, the better chance you have of deterring criminals.

Holiday Let Security Technology Devices

Security Cameras

Home security

Security cameras are extremely effective and can be used in a variety of different ways. Having cameras around the exterior of your property can help you identify any unwanted visitors.

For best and most guest-friendly use of security cameras, they should only be pointed towards key safes and the entrances/exits of property only. This will minimalise the invasion of privacy of your guests, while still monitoring the most important areas.

Be aware there are a number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to setting up cameras around a holiday home:

  • Disclose any use of cameras around your property to your guests in advance. If you do not disclose this, your guests could be entitled to cancel with a full refund.
  • Mention the use of cameras on any booking sites you use.
  • Cameras must NEVER be used in private places such as bedrooms and bathrooms. This is a breach of privacy and unlawful.
  • As well as cameras, any voice recording devices also need to be disclosed to your guest before they commit to staying at your property.

Be mindful that these rules can change depending on the agency or provider you are listing your property with. Some have stricter rules than others and will not tolerate the use of cameras or recording devices.

It is always best to approach the use of cameras with caution as this will deter a number of guests from staying at your property. Utilise them sparingly and only when necessary.

Using dummy or mock cameras can also be an effective deterrent against trespassers. Signposting the use of cameras will also reinforce your security.


holiday home security

Alarm systems are one of the most effective and abrupt security systems as well as a deterrent against break-ins, and are a must-have when thinking of holiday let security.

When utilising an alarm system, don’t forget to leave instructions for your guests to figure out how to use it, including how to activate and deactivate the alarm.

Smart alarm systems can also be activated or deactivated remotely via a mobile device, and will alert you when there is a break in taking place, allowing you to inform the authorities.


Home security sensor

Wireless sensors are another great way to deter thieves from entering your property.

Connected to your alarm system and smart phone, your sensors will be activated and notify you once there has been movement or break in certain areas of your property.

Digital Smart Locks

Contactless security

Although modern locks have become a lot more sophisticated, thieves have become expert in the skill of lockpicking.

With digital smart locks, no key will be required to enter the property. Instead, you can utilize an access code, card or mobile device to gain entry into the property

Other Holiday Let Security Methods to Consider

Install an Emergency Key Safe

Key safe

Having a hidden emergency key safe is one of the easiest and most effective holiday let security tactics.

A secure key safe can also be accessed using a code which can be changed in between bookings. Changing the code regularly is incredibly important to your property’s security.

Don’t forget to inform your letting agency about your key safe, its whereabouts and the access code in case of an emergency.

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

One of the simplest and surprising ways to deter thefts is to simply turn the light on!

The power of having a light on in the property is invaluable when deterring thieves. This is because the psychological impact of having a light on in the property suggests that somebody is currently in the home.

With a smartphone, you will be able to turn lights on within the property from a remote location. Using smart bulbs, you can create a lighting schedule via an app.

Secure Windows and Doors

home security break in

It might seem obvious, but good quality doors and windows are great deterrents against intruders and thieves.

A loose door or weak window can be an incredible opportunity for thieves to get into your property. More often than not, secure access points can make the difference between the intruder getting into your property or giving up.

Did you know? – Slam lock doors cannot be opened from the outside without a key. This means that even if your guests forget to lock the door to your property, the door will lock when it’s closed.

Be sure to have an emergency key available for your guests in case they lock themselves out of the property.


Nobody can be 100% safe from theft or any other criminal activities happening in their holiday home. Taking the precautions mentioned can help you deter any unwanted visitors. 

Be mindful that whilst you want to secure your property as much as possible, you will also need to make your holiday home as comfortable as possible for your guests.

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