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The search for UK breaks and luxury getaways has boomed in the last 12 months, with our research showing that almost four in five Brits enjoyed a UK holiday this year. Recent property trends suggest that as demand increases, more people are seeking the five-star holiday experience on home soil – think lavish interiors, fine silken bedspreads and hot tubs!

Investing in your holiday cottage might cost more upfront, but has the potential to be highly profitable and rewarding. A luxury self-catering holiday let, when managed properly, can generate returns higher than any other type of property investment. Positioning your property with superior value can help maximise your rental income and generate a lucrative stream of bookings. So, what defines a luxury holiday let and how can you get started?

Read on to learn about how to create the perfect luxury holiday let…

Planning the perfect luxury holiday let

When setting the scene for your luxury cottage, there are a number of important factors to consider. These may include:

  1. Inspiration from luxury holiday lets
  2. Optimising indoor and outdoor space
  3. Decorating your luxury holiday cottage
  4. Creating a cosy atmosphere
  5. The location of your luxury holiday let
  6. Installing a hot tub at your cottage
  7. Adding extra features

Inspiration from luxury holiday lets

With demand for UK staycations at an all-time high, making your luxury holiday cottage stand out from the crowd is a great way to ensure consistent year-round bookings. Research suggests that guests are looking for aspirational properties, with outstanding and unusual designs, where they can escape the everyday. Looking at existing holiday properties with luxury features, such as our cottages with swimming pools and taking inspiration from some of our top luxury holiday cottages is a great place to start:

Optimising indoor and outdoor space

Opening up space in your luxury holiday let to allow more natural light will help give the best uninterrupted views and create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. If your property is located near the mountains or sea, you may want to consider installing skylight windows or contemporary bifold patio doors for added wow factor.

Maximising outdoor space

Whether your property has a small patio, modest terrace or a large garden, there are countless ways to spruce up your outdoor space and increase the value of your luxury holiday home. A few ideas for adding extra decadence to your holiday let may include:

  • Investing in a water feature for a touch of zen in your garden oasis
  • Adding a firebowl to create a lavish focal point for guests to enjoy
  • Landscaping your cottage garden with lush green foliage and vegetation
  • Upgrading patio furniture with weatherproof materials such as rattan or bamboo
  • Installing a heated outdoor swimming pool or hot tub to your cottage for added luxury

Decorating your luxury holiday cottage

Creating a first-class guest experience through exceptional interior design, premium amenities and quality entertainment can bring long-term value to your property. When it comes to designing your luxury holiday let, choosing the right décor is key. Opting for high quality furnishings such as Egyptian Cotton bed linen, comfortable mattresses, statement artwork pieces, plush towels and sumptuous velvet cushions will bring a touch of glamour and refined elegance to your holiday home.

Equipping your holiday home with the latest tech and luxe gadgets is another great way to impress guests. These could include:

  • Light dimmers
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Remote control heating
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Games consoles
  • Streaming sticks

Marketing your luxury holiday let

When advertising your luxury holiday home, you want to make sure the quality of visual aesthetics reflects the quality of your property. Positioning your holiday let effectively is crucial for luxury holiday let success, as a property of high perceived value and elevated social status is more likely to attract affluent holidaymakers.

Showcasing a strong portfolio of professional photographs can drastically increase booking conversion rates, build trust and maximise revenue potential for your luxury holiday let. At Sykes, we have a dedicated team of Photography experts to ensure your property’s unique features are marketed in the best way and help you secure a strong online presence.

For more handy tips, check out our blog How to Furnish your Holiday Let.

Creating a cosy atmosphere

Furnishing your cottage’s interior with warm lighting can help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your luxury holiday home. In our detailed review of the UK holiday let market, the Sykes Staycation Index 2021, owners of cottages with an open fire can expect to see their holiday let income increase by 14% on average.

Allocating a snug space with a warming fire in your cottage is the perfect way to create a five-star experience for guests, even if you’re on a budget. At Sykes, many of our cottages feature an open fire and log burners, which can be a cost effective way to increase low season bookings during the winter period. Illuminate your nook with reclaimed lights, scented candles and a wood burning stove for added rustic charm.

The location of your luxury holiday let

When deciding a destination for your luxury holiday let, factoring in the cost of living, local transport links, proximity to UK tourist attractions and popularity of the area can help make your letting journey a success. Guests paying a premium for luxury will likely have high expectations for the area of the property, so it’s important to take this into consideration.

Vanessa Warwick, co-founder of the Property Tribes forum describes a honeypot location as somewhere with year-round activity that is within a one to two hour drive of a large population density. Whether you prefer to let your luxury holiday home with picturesque countryside landscapes or breathtaking sea views, choosing a sought-after area close to nature is a must.

Still unsure? Listen to our podcast on where to invest your holiday let:


Installing a hot tub at your cottage

If your budget allows, installing a private hot tub can really add to the luxury appeal of your holiday cottage and may boost your rental income. According to the Sykes Staycation Index 2021, cottage owners with hot tubs earn 54% more than those with other properties in the same region.

It’s important to note for health and safety reasons that owners are required to include outdoor lighting with their hot tubs. Set the mood of your outdoor space with twinkling fairy lights and colour changing LED lighting to create an indulgent spa experience. Adding a hot tub to your cottage can also bring:

  • Increased search and bookings
  • Great source of entertainment
  • Improved occupancy rates
  • Year-round appeal
  • Higher revenue

Adding extra features

Creating a five-star holiday experience for your guests means paying extra attention to the smaller details. Providing complimentary touches can make all the difference to your luxury holiday let. These may include:

  • Fluffy robe and slippers
  • Luxury toiletries
  • Dishwasher
  • Coffee machine
  • Food processor
  • Weighing scales
  • DAB radio
  • Juicer

Extra perks in your luxury holiday let such as a private gym, games room, cinema room or sauna create a unique selling point and may help your property attract consistent year-round bookings. Including facilities such as these will add to the value of your holiday home, as well as bringing a sense of prestige that is often associated with premier hotels and leisure clubs.

The Finishing Touches

Creating a good first impression is paramount for running a successful luxury holiday cottage. Guests who are paying a premium price want to be pampered from day one, so including touches such as a bottle of champagne, flowers, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, luxury chocolates and cheese board on arrival will help deliver a five-star experience.

As well as this, enhancing your holiday package with thoughtful touches such as a personal handwritten note, guest information pack and complimentary hamper will make your guests feel extra special and welcomed in their luxury holiday home.

Let your property with Sykes and earn up to £125,000 per year*

  • Join over 15,000 holiday properties already working with Sykes Cottages
  • We welcome over 26 million web visitors a year
  • Many of our owners achieve more than 45 bookings a year
  • We specialise in turning your holiday property into a profitable year-round income for you

*Based on a 7 bedroom property in the Lake District with bookings between October 2017 to September 2018.

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