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With summer just around the corner, the days of relaxing in the garden at weekends are almost within reach. There’s nothing better than dusting off the deck chairs, rooting out your sunglasses and spending some time in your garden and it’s no different when you’re on holiday! Holiday cottages with gardens and patios are really popular with our customers, especially during the summer months, so we’ve put together a few suggestions for cottage owners on how to make the most of their cottage grounds this summer.

Holiday Cottages with Large Grounds

For holiday cottages with lots of outside space, the possibilities are endless. All too often, large grounds can be neglected and lacking in imagination, though they offer the potential to make your cottage really stand out. So here are just a few tips on ways that you can take advantage of your large grounds:

Tennis Courts

Holiday cottage with tennis court in Yorkshire Dales

Groom’s Rooms, Yorkshire Dales, Ref 22462

A tennis court can make a fantastic addition to your holiday cottage if you have plenty of space to spare. Cottages with tennis courts are always in demand in summer, especially after the hype of Wimbledon. Throw in some complimentary rackets and tennis balls and your guests will benefit from having the perfect afternoon activity right on their doorstep.

Swimming Pools

Holiday cottage with swimming pool in Isle of Wight

The Springs, Isle of Wight, Ref 2906

Swimming pools are always included in people’s dream holiday check-lists, making them the perfect feature to help make the most of large grounds and maximise your cottage’s appeal. Children and adults alike will love splashing about in the pool in good weather; you could even provide a few pool games and inflatables to add to their enjoyment!

Holiday Cottages with Smaller Grounds

For holiday cottages that have less space to play with, there are still plenty of ways that you can make your outside areas more appealing. Small, perfectly formed gardens and patios can still be a big selling point for any holiday home and here are just a few of our suggestions to help you make the most of your grounds:

Patio Furniture

Holiday cottage with garden in Northumberland

The Old Farmhouse, Northumberland, Ref 3520

A drab patio or terrace can be instantly spruced up by the addition of some well-chosen patio furniture. Whether it’s a garden bench for reading in the sunshine or a table and chairs for some alfresco dining, it’s always nice to be able to take advantage of good weather when we get it. No one wants to be stuck inside when it’s sunny!


Holiday cottage in Lake District

22 Thirlmere, Lake District, Ref 22525

Having an outdoor fire-pit is a great way to impress potential holidaymakers. Guests will be able to gather around the fire-pit on summer evenings and chat late into the night whilst enjoying a couple of glasses of wine over the crackling flames. This fashionable addition to your patio will ensure guests have the relaxing holiday that they deserve and will definitely persuade them to return again and again.

Hot Tubs

Holiday cottage with hot tub in Isle of Wight

The Summerhouse, Isle of Wight, Ref 20969

Our cottages with hot tubs are extremely popular and they’re always the first to get booked up, year on year. We get so many enquiries from customers wanting properties with hot tubs so any cottage with one installed is guaranteed to be in high demand. As hot tubs require relatively little outdoor space, they’re ideal for cottages with smaller grounds and will help your guests to have a luxurious holiday experience that they will never forget.

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