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If you’re heading to Bournemouth rather than Brazil for your holiday this year and are worried how you’ll manage to squeeze in all of the upcoming World Cup matches, don’t fret; we have a few ideas to ensure that you can enjoy the best of both worlds when holidaying here in the UK.

Book a Holiday Cottage with a TV

Holiday Property with Television in North Wales

Y Stabal in Trawsfynydd in North Wales
Property reference: 4120

Nothing is more exciting than being in a football stadium. From the moment the teams first appear to the wail of the final whistle, football matches are full of excitement. But never fear, as this feeling is certainly one that you can replicate on holiday. Get some snacks, your favourite drink and put your team’s shirt on then settle down in front of the television for ninety minutes of football fun! Most of our holiday cottages have televisions, so you can play manager and shout at the players from the comfort of the cottage’s couch.

Watch the World Cup Outside

Secret Cinema in London Fields

Image via Flickr

As much as we would like it to, it’s doubtful that our weather will rival that of Sao Paulo, but that shouldn’t put you off heading outside and watching a game on one of the large outdoor screens dotted about the UK! You can soak up the atmosphere of the game whilst feeling the refreshing breeze of the Great British weather and if you’re really lucky the sun may even make an appearance. Outdoor screens such as Millennium Square in Leeds and Brighton’s Big Screen are screening various World Cup Matches where you can head along and show your support for the England team!

Book a Holiday Cottage Near a Pub

Inside of a pub screening sports scores

Image via Flickr

Football and beer go together like bread and butter, so what better place to watch a football match than at the pub! Not only will the atmosphere be electric, the banter will be terrific and it’s a fantastic excuse to sample some local ale. To fit this in with your holiday plan, why not book a holiday cottage located near a pub? We have over 2,000 properties within walking distance of the nearest watering hole so you won’t need to travel far to support your team along with fellow fans. And it’s much closer than Brazil!

Book a Last Minute Holiday Cottage

The World Cup may begin tonight but it’s still not late to book a last minute cottage so that you can watch the World Cup whilst also enjoying a family holiday. Take a look at our last minute property page or call our team on 01244 356695 who will be more than happy to find a suitable property for you that will combine your love of football with your love of holidays!

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