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It’s probably quite easy to see that here at Sykes Cottages we love Cornwall, whether it’s visiting the county, reading and writing about it or even sending people on holiday there. Year on year it proves to be one of our more popular destinations thanks to the glorious beaches, fantastic foods and wonderful people that call it home. This has prompted us to make it a goal to get as many people visiting Cornwall as possible, whether it is through promoting our existing cottages in the area or by attracting any prospective new owners.

St Ives Harbour

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Why Choose Sykes?

If you are reading this and considering signing up to let your cottage with Sykes you’re probably thinking what’s in it for me, and who can blame you! Well, with the experience that accompanies 25 years of cottage letting, that has seen Sykes grow from modest family beginnings to being the leading independent cottage letting agency in the country, we are more than aware of the difficulties that come with letting a holiday cottage. Along the way we have learnt what is important to our owners, allowing us to deliver more and more bookings whilst retaining an excellent working relationship; but don’t take my word for it have a look at the testimonials from some of our current owners.

2013 proved to be a bumper year for us here at Sykes, showing the progress that we are making in the industry. Not only did we win the prize for Best Large UK Cottages/ Self Catering Booking Company at the British Travel Awards, but we also achieved the landmark of taking 100,000 bookings for the first time! However, needless to say we aren’t resting on our laurels. In fact we have big plans for 2014 that will hopefully see us take more bookings for our owners; if you need any more convincing to sign up then take a look at some of the advantages in working with Sykes in 2014!

Hidden Cornwall

One thing that we are now doing more than ever before is putting more and more of our resources into marketing the cottages that we work with in order to get our owners as many bookings as possible. This is particularly evident through the work that we have done to publicise our Cornish cottages especially with our Hidden Cornwall campaign complete with a bespoke video showcasing what the county has to offer.

Trevose Lighthouse

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Not only does Hidden Cornwall exhibit some of the lesser known treasures in the area but it also helps to drive internet traffic through to the Cornish pages on our site so more sets of eyes will get to see the properties, and there’s more! We have also put in a lot of work to promote the campaign through various social media channels allowing interaction with potential customers over Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest not to mention through the #hiddencornwall hashtag on Twitter. All of this points towards the efforts that we are putting in to drive business to the area and visitors to our cottages.

The campaign also illustrates the intimate knowledge of the area that we have here at Sykes. This knowledge allows us not just to pick out activities and areas that don’t always feature in the tourist guides and handbooks but also to deliver localised advice that will give you the best experience possible, after all you’ll be dealing with people who know what they are talking about from the first point of call onwards.

So if you’re interested in letting your Cornish cottage with Sykes give us a call on 01244 356695 where you will be able to speak to one of our dedicated Owners Department or feel free to request one of our obligation free Owner Information Packs to find out more.

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