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Packing for a Christmas holiday

Packing for a holiday with family or friends can be stressful, especially if you’re going away for Christmas.

Deciding what to bring and leave behind is only made worse by the heightened stress of the festive period. Questions like: “How cold will it be?”, “Will it snow?”, “How many layers will I need to keep warm?” are probably swirling around your head at this point. But fear not, we have a handy packing guide to solve all of your problems!

Discover our handy packing tips for your next Christmas getaway below…

Check the weather

Cotswolds house covered in snow

As we all know, the UK weather can be pretty fickle at the best of times, so make sure to check the weather report a week in advance! You winter packing list should include some basics such as walking boots, thick jumpers, a winter coat and a hat and gloves.

An excellent packing tip is to bring some summer clothing, also a good way to make sure you’re prepared whatever the weather! Bring a can of de-icer and waterproofs just in case! Check your water, oil and tyres before leaving, so you don’t get caught short in the cold weather!

If you’re still stuck on which Christmas cottage to choose, our list of UK luxury cottages is sure to help you pick the ultimate property for relaxation this December.

Load the Christmas presents

Christmas presents

An obvious but worth mentioning tip is to make sure you save room in the car boot for the Christmas presents or you’ll have to answer some pretty awkward questions from your children about why Father Christmas didn’t bring the presents on Christmas morning!

If you’re bringing your beloved dog along for the journey, then make sure to also pack some toys and enough food, especially if it’s too snowy to go outside!

Hang the Christmas decorations

Christmas tree, presents and stockings by open fire

You’ll find most of our holiday cottages are already decorated for Christmas, but it would be worth checking with the owner of the cottage if they are able to decorate their property before your arrival. In which case, it might be worth packing some decorations from home to make your Christmas getaway more festive, or simply personalise your holiday cottage with your favourite stockings and throw some tinsel on that tree!

Take a look at the top UK Christmas traditions to make your cottage break more jolly.

Preparing Christmas dinner

Christmas food

Let’s be honest, when it comes to Christmas, it’s all about the food.

A handy packing tip for saving space and time is ordering your Christmas food shop online and arranging a grocery delivery to coincide with your arrival at the cottage. That’s one more thing to cross off your Christmas checklist! Make sure to bring the essentials so you can have a cup of tea while you wait for delivery.

You can always visit a nearby supermarket in case of emergencies, but ensure the turkey, stuffing and vegetables are on the list!

Now you’ve arrived

Red wine celebration toast

Once you’ve arrived, there’s nothing left to do but have a good time! If your property has one, light the fire and sink back into the sofa with a glass of mulled wine. Play your favourite Christmas music playlists, binge-watch the classic films and don’t let your little ones forget to leave a mince pie and milk out for Father Christmas!

If you’re looking for things to do on your Christmas break, then visit any one of our 101 UK Christmas markets, ideal for getting in the holiday spirit!

Don’t forget to bring your furry-companion along for the Christmas retreat and browse through our list of pets go free cottages. Whatever your location, browse through our travel guide for tips on the best tourist attractions in the area. Why not get creative this year and have a go at one of our easy Christmas crafts?

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