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So, you have selected and booked your perfect holiday cottage. The next thing to think about is what you are going to take with you to make your holiday go smoothly as possible. Here are our top tips for making your holiday go with a bang!

Before you set off on holiday…

Before you leave home for your holiday make sure that you have cancelled regular deliveries like milk, set lights on timers around the home and, if you are going on holiday in the winter months, leave your heating on low. It is also often a good idea to leave a spare set of keys with a friend or neighbour.

A beautiful bedroom in a holiday cottage

A beautiful bedroom in a holiday cottage

If you are taking your pet on holiday with you then make sure that you have your dog feeding bowls and bed so they will feel at home in your dog friendly accommodation. Plus, don’t forget a pet towel to dry the dog after a long winter walk!

What to pack for your cottage holiday

If you are visiting an area of the country that you haven’t been to before, a guide book about the area is a definite must! Then you need some basic holiday essentials like a camera (plus spare batteries or charger), phone charger, a pack of playing cards and a rucksack to use for days out.

364/366: new suitcases

Think carefully about the clothes that you want to take with you. The British weather can be unpredictable but you don’t want to end up bringing everything plus the kitchen sink! Pack clothes for your holiday that you can mix and match together and make sure you bring plenty of layers. That way you will look super stylish whatever the occasion, if you are enjoying long walks in the country or going for a nice meal out. A good pair of shoes, an umbrella and sun cream are always good things to have handy too.

An outdoor swimming pool at a cottage in Somerset

An outdoor swimming pool at a cottage in Somerset

Before you travel, be sure to check what is included at your cottage, particularly to see if if things like bedding and towels are included. Some of our cottages come with swimming pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis so if you are renting one of these then don’t forget your swimwear!

Self catering goodies!

A lovely self catering kitchen in a Sykes Holiday Cottage

A lovely self catering kitchen in a Sykes Holiday Cottage

All of our self catering cottages come with well equipped kitchens, just bring your food and your ready to get cooking! Make sure you have essentials like tea, coffee and sugar handy so you can make a refreshing drink when your accommodation. Pack cooking condiments like cooking oil, salt, pepper and herbs as well as toilet roll, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets if there is a dishwasher in your cottage. Why not pack a bottle of bubbly to enjoy whilst you are away? You are on holiday after all!


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