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The Sykes Cottages office is a buzz with conversation, as we can’t stop talking about Pancake Day! Which toppings we’ll be having, the best flipping technique (it’s all in the wrists) and of course how many scrumptious pancakes we can consume. Children love pancakes, whether they’re sweet and sticky or warm and savoury so here at Sykes Cottages we have decided to share with you our favourite pancake recipes for kids, in hopes that you’ll be joining in on the Pancake Day celebrations. Keep reading for two mouth-watering recipes including both traditional crepes and American style pancakes.

Via. Flickr

Via. Flickr

For a lunch time treat try making the children our delicious savoury ham and cheese pancakes. When paired with a healthy salad this combo is sure to impress children and adults alike as a fun alternative to the common sandwich. The following recipe takes less than 30 minutes to complete and will serve 2 -3 hungry mouths.


Via. Flickr

Via. Flickr

For an extra special breakfast which will set the kids up with bags of energy for the day ahead, try treating them to our banana and blueberry pancakes. These delicious American style pancakes are not only healthy but fun too as the left over fruit is perfect for making funny faces! Our American style pancake recipe will serve 4 people and takes around 40 minutes to make.


We hope that these delicious sweet and savoury recipes have inspired you to try your hand at flipping a few crepes this pancake day! Just remember safety first; be sure to wear your apron and keep the children back when the pancakes start flying as what goes up must come down!

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