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You’ve laid on the beach ‘til you’re suitably baked. Hiked up every hill and swam in every body of water that you can find. Eaten in every good restaurant in the local tour guide and cycled down enough idyllic country lanes to last you a life time. So what’s next? How are you going to keep yourselves entertained for the rest of your holiday?

Never fear, we have the answer. Rent any one of our cottages near English Heritage properties and set aside a full day to explore these endearing heritage sites. We have cottages to rent near many of the English Heritage’s most popular attractions, including Stonehenge, Dover Castle and Wrest Park. What could be better than setting out from your holiday cottage for a day of exploration and discovery around some of England’s most beloved heritage sites?

Osborne House, Isle of Wight

Arguably the UK’s grandest holiday home, Osborne House was built as a summer retreat for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1845. Designed by the prince himself, the house was a welcome hideaway for the royals who made regular trips to the island in order to escape the pressures of London. Rent a cottage near Osborne House and see first-hand Albert’s love of Italian design and modern style. The house itself is brimming with regal articles from days past, whilst Osborne’s expansive grounds are the perfect place for a picnic on a balmy summer’s day. Take a walk through the peaceful gardens to Victoria’s private beach, where she would often sit, surveying her Kingdom across the Solent.

Warkworth Castle, Northumbria

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Standing proudly beside the River Coquet for over 900 years, the ancient stone keep of Warkworth Castle is an imposing feature of the Northumberland landscape. As the largest fortress in the county, Warkworth proved a vital defence during Anglo-Scottish conflict, and was attacked relentlessly for centuries. Now nothing but a ruinous shell, it’s difficult to imagine a time when Warkworth was looked upon and feared. To get to grips with Warkworth’s bloody history, take advantage of the castle’s free audio guide, which reveals a much dingier side to this otherwise picturesque castle.

Witley Court & Gardens, Worcestershire

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Set in the bosom of rural Worcestshire, Witley Court was once one of the finest manor houses in England, until it was ravaged by a great fire in 1937. Now nothing but a spectacular ruin, the house and its grounds still remain a fantastic place to visit on your Worcestershire holiday. Rent a cottage near Witley Court & Gardens and look forward to a peaceful stroll through its sumptuously restored parterre gardens. Here, fountains are set amongst vivid seasonal blooms, and quaint pathways lead to the enchanting woodlands of North Park and Shrawley Brooke Valley. Witley Court also has a lot to offer children, with an outdoor play park, tree house and adventure nature trail.

Not convinced by our choice of top heritage sites? Take a look at the other English Heritage properties that you can rent a cottage near by clicking here. We’ve cottages to rent near 19 of England’s most coveted historic sites, so wherever you choose to book your cottage holiday, there’ll be plenty of discovery and exploration to be had.

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