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2012 for many of us Brits will be another year of tightening our belts and being frugal with our spending. Whilst you may expect the family holiday to be one of the first things that is sacrificed in the name of saving money, British holidaymakers are placing a higher precedence on that break away than ever before.

Research by has found that 96% of us are aiming to take at least one holiday in 2012 and the deciding factor on where to go for that holiday won’t be the destination or the weather but instead how much the holiday will cost.

Save money on your UK holiday

Where will you be holidaying in 2012?

Back in 2011 Brits on average spent £829 on their main holiday; in 2012 this number has dropped quite considerably with people expecting to pay just £642. Refusing to compromise, rather than expecting less for their money, 26% of the holidaymakers TravelSupermarket asked wanted a longer break in 2012 than they had in 2011.

In order to make these savings many people are turning to holidays in the UK as a cost effective way of enjoying a fantastic family holiday. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a fun packed family holiday in the UK without breaking the bank.

Explore the Unknown

When deciding on an area to holiday in the UK, favourites such as Cornwall, Devon and the Lake District will no doubt be the first that spring to mind. And whilst they are fantastic family friendly holiday destinations, prices here can be higher than the lesser known resorts around the country.
North Wales can be the perfect backdrop for a family holiday, a beautiful coastline combined with the mountains of Snowdonia national park provides families with countless attractions to enjoy. All for much cheaper than the seaside resorts of the South of England. Thinking a little outside the box in terms of where you holiday in the UK can end up saving you a lot of money and you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised with what these little gems have to offer.

Holiday in large groups

Holidaying in a large group of family members or friends and their families can be a fantastic way to save money. Splitting the cost of a large holiday cottage will no doubt be considerably cheaper than individual rooms in a hotel or B&B and you can also share the cost of all the food if self catering and if driving to your destination, jump in together and split the cost of the petrol.
Many of the attractions in the UK will also provide discount for large group bookings, a little research into the area and booking online before you arrive can save you even more money on great days out. Not only is holidaying in a large group cost effective, it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest as well as ensuring the children have plenty of play mates.

Plan in Advance

Those who plan the most before their holiday tend to be the ones who get the best value for money, whilst it might not come naturally to everyone to be organised, it is a great way to keep control of holiday finances. Work out your budget before you leave and you won’t be tempted to over spend on impulse purchases. Planning your activities and booking online in advance will also save you money as most attractions across the UK will offer discount to those who book their tickets online. If you are travelling by train, plane or coach booking your tickets online and as early as possible can result in further money saving. If you can, travel off peak to save even more money. This can be difficult if your family has children of school age but where possible this will be cheaper than travelling during peak times.

Self Catering Savings

One of the great benefits of holidaying in the UK is the vast array of self catering options we have here. Whether you go camping, caravanning or rent a holiday cottage providing your own meals can save you a great deal of money. If you stay in a holiday cottage, they will usually provide you with a fully equipped kitchen for you to use, head down to the local markets and buy some fresh local produce on the first day of your holiday. From then on delegate who cooks the family meals, after all you are on holiday, this task should be shared and made into a family activity. Holidaying self catering provides you with the option of having home cooked meals and allows you the freedom to go out to a restaurant should you fancy a treat. Limiting yourself to a certain amount of meals out during your holiday and planning meals before you go will help to keep you within your holiday spending budget.

Above all when it comes to family holiday in the UK, enjoy yourself. We have a fantastic country with plenty on offer for all ages that we are sometime guilty of taking for granted. All that extra money that you save from your planning ahead can be spent on great activities that you and the children will remember for years to come.

This article was written by Charlotte at To compare great deals on your next family holiday visit today.

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