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This craft for a fabric bow is super simple and easy to customise. Once you’ve created a keyring, why not try out different fabric patterns and fastenings to create really unique pieces? You could attach them to zip pulls, hair clips, necklaces or anything else your heart desires!

Sykes Craft Guide Fabric Bow Keyring

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What You Need

Easy craft idea: A Fabric Bow Keyring

Fabric, scissors, fabric glue, a key ring and iron (unpictured)

How to

Easy craft idea: A Fabric Bow Keyring

Step 1: Cut three lengths of fabric measuring 15cm x 4cm

Step 2: For each piece of fabric, neaten the edges and provide structure by making a 1cm fold on either side. Run small dots of glue along the centre of the fabric to stick the folds in place. Leave to dry fully. To further bond the fabric, run a hot iron over the seam.

Easy craft idea: A Fabric Bow Keyring


Step 3: Take a length of fabric, raw edges facing up, and mark the centre with a dot of glue. Bring each end to meet in the centre and hold in place to secure. Allow to dry and do the same with a second piece of fabric. These will be the bows.

Step 4: To create the bow tail, cut 4cm off one end of the remaining length of fabric to make it 11cm long. Keep the bit you cut off as this will be used to hold the design together.

Step 5: As an optional final detail, create triangular cuts at either end of the tail length of fabric. Run glue across the raw edges to neaten and prevent frayed edges.

Easy craft idea: A Fabric Bow Keyring

Step 6: To assemble the bow, layer the two fabric bows on top of the centre of the bow tails. Hold in place by wrapping the final piece of fabric across the centre, leaving a small loop at one side, then fix it in place with glue.

Step 7: Once dried, add the keyring to the loop and you’re done!

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Bow Keyring

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